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Review Of Book- God’s Purposes for the Creation

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Jerome Midgette’s Understanding Why God Made Man is a book every Christian would love to read. As someone who had read the Bible many times and had read it since childhood, I was struck by some of the information in this book that I had not previously understood. 

I did not expect to find anything new in this book, but over and over again, I was amazed or felt that the facts had been clarified about God and his purpose that had never seemed so clear to me. 

Anyone, a believer or a scholar, who wants to understand the Bible better will want to read this book. As Midgette put it at the beginning of the book, “it should be the most important thing for everyone: to know who we are, where we came from, and why.”

Midgette points out what many Christians

First and foremost, Midgette points out what many Christians have forgotten: We are at war. Long before the creation of the world, Satan and his followers sought to overthrow God, and because of their failure, they planned to destroy mankind because they were made in God’s image like miqo’te names.

Although this belief is not news to most Christians, what I have never fully understood is that God created us as a direct result of Satan’s rebellion. God could easily have destroyed Satan, but Midgette revealed that instead God made a legal plan to destroy his enemies, one that they did not expect, and mankind was the basis for that plan. Because we are made in God’s image, they hate us and want to destroy us; they want us to fall as they do. As Midgette explains: “

They know something that most of us do not know: disobedience is a crime against [God]. Many do not realize that it exists. God’s eternal enemies are fully aware of the injustice that will rule mankind so that they can share their destiny. “

About Satan

However, Satan did not expect God to open the way for forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. I will allow readers to explore the technology of God’s official plan for our salvation on Midgette’s pages. I just want to add that Midgette brings a lot of surprising but interesting arguments to the discussion. One of them is the story of the aliens. He believes that aliens, and life on any other planet, do not exist. 

They cannot comprehend that life exists only on earth in a vast space. Those who challenge the Creator’s truth do not want to acknowledge it in any way. Why? They do not want to accept that we are special. of man because it proves their rejection of the biblical history of creation and, moreover, the supernatural God. “In fact, Midgette even suggests that Satan and his followers may influence us to believe in aliens so that one day the Antichrist will appear to us as a stranger and deceive us similar to the paladin names.

Midgette also spends most of her time discussing how scientific findings support the truths revealed in the Bible. He gives examples throughout the Bible of the meaning of the sea and other things that ancient writers would not have known without divine revelation. For example, the book of Job speaks of the caves of the sea, but no one in ancient times could have walked so deep into the sea to know that such streams existed so that such knowledge could be revealed by divine revelation.

Midgette also points out the many holes in the theory of evolution, and she continues to confirm the truths revealed in the Bible. He also expands on the details of the last days, gives an entire chapter to the rapture, and discusses in detail the many Bible prophecies that he believes are now being fulfilled.


Finally, Midgette’s book highlights the work of a man who spent his entire life reading the Scriptures. He spent 18 years writing this book, and the length and depth of the material show that he did not work in vain. Not everyone can agree with all his conclusions, but all his arguments are based on Scripture. Furthermore, he assures us that God loves us and will one day bring us to a better place. 

He says, “We are heirs together of God, and joint heirs with Christ, if so be that we share in all things. So the next time someone puts you down, remember who you are. The next time you go through difficult times, remember who you are. Your simple suffering is incomparable to the glory that will soon be revealed. “

If you wish to fully understand not only why God created man but also what it means to be God’s heir, I do not think of a better or more complete book, other than the Bible, that you can read than to understand Why God Made Man.

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