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Son Of God Is Coming Back

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son of god

Do you not like it when someone tells you why he is doing something? For example, before reading a book, have you ever wondered why the author wrote it? What was his motive? Some writers tell you their purpose, others do not.

Wes Ireton wrote a book entitled “Jesus is Coming Back Tomorrow”. And I’m glad to tell you that he made his reason for writing so clear: “If I were to write this epistle for a single reason, that reason would be just like the one Peter had when he wrote to the Christians of the New Testament – a memorial.”

He quotes 2 Peter 3: 1 – “Dear friends, this is now the second letter I have written to you, dear friends. In both cases I am stirring up your sincere thoughts in remembrance of you.” Peter then spent the whole chapter 3 telling his disciples about the return of Jesus Christ. Also read about miqo’te names.

The letter was written to remind us that Jesus Christ is coming back, for Jesus promised his disciples that one day “people will see the Son of Man coming in the clouds with great power and glory” (Mark 13:26).

The author says: “My prayer is that this book will serve as a reminder to all of us who have forgotten, or are too weak to be true to the fact that Jesus will return. let us live by it, as his followers. “

Why I love the book

I love this book for a number of reasons. The first is that Wes conveys his message in a compelling and direct way. He knows exactly what he is trying to say; it comes out loud and clear. He tells you why he wrote the book, and he tells you in unambiguous terms. And this is how Wes wrote throughout the book. There is nothing desirable here.

If you do not understand what this writer is saying, you may be lying in a wheelchair or brain dead.

The second reason I liked this book is that the author sincerely believes in what he writes. Wes tells his life story throughout the book, so you know him – his many life experiences, mistakes and lessons learned. He is clearly and first to admit that he needs to listen to the message of his book just as you and I do.

Wes grew up in a Christian environment but moved away from Christ in high school and college, as do many young people. However, he saw the folly of his ways and gave his life to Jesus in a powerful way, and that commitment to Christ also comes through this book aloud and clearly. Check some paladin names.

Wes does not write as a theologian, though this book is full of good theology. Wes does not write as a scholar of the Bible, although the book presents a wealth of Bible truths in an easy-to-understand way.

Follower of Christ

Wes writes first and foremost as a devoted, sold-out follower of Christ, and is in the process of persuading as many people as possible to join him in the difficult but proper way of becoming a disciple.

This leads me to a third reason why I love this book – it was written with enthusiasm. Yes, the whole page is full of solid Bible teaching, but the author speaks the truth of the Scriptures with the power I have found.

On each page of the book, the author uses Ephesians 4:15, “speaking the truth in love”. You tell it as it is, and you tell it that way because you know that’s what’s best for us.

The fourth reason I liked this book is that it conveys a much-needed message to the church today. It seems to me that easy faith has crept into evangelical churches across the country. I believe that many Christians who believe in the Bible take the gospel lightly and focus more on the benefits of Christianity and not on the cost of discipleship.

This book discusses the subject of direct kindness. Like John the Baptist, Wes is a weeping prophet in the wilderness, urging us to “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”. John the Baptist was preparing the people for the first coming of Christ. If you read this book and take its message, God will speak to you even though Wes Ireton is also preparing you for the second coming of Christ.

The title of the book is “Living Life Eternally Minded”. And that’s a good title. In fact, I would say that this subheading is accurate in describing the contents of a book as a major theme.


Do you want to live this life caught up in the miracle of God’s holiness and sovereignty, happy to be a part of His people so that you can proclaim the praises of the One who delivered you from the kingdom of darkness and brought you into the kingdom of His Son? After that this book is yours.

Do you long to sacrifice yourself for the ultimate satisfaction of Jesus alone? After that this book is yours.

And if you want to spend the rest of your life dedicating yourself to the humble work of making disciples, this book is for you.

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