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Gojek Clone App Vietnam

Is The Online Payment Feature Of The Gojek Clone App Vietnam Secure?

The Gojek clone app is a multi service on demand mobile based app. This means that users can hire a service provider of their choice or get any service of their choice render to them using a mobile app. The app utilizes some of the top features of the modern day smart phones in order to make the process of hiring service providers or buying products absolutely simple.

With the help of this singular mobile app many service providers who operate at a local level have been able to find many jobs that they were missing out on otherwise. They can now gain access to a wider market bas and promote their services easily.

In today’s time, when lives have become so hectic. This app has come as a god sent. As more and more people are understanding the kind of benefits there are to using it, many Vietnam entrepreneurs have turned towards it.

A simple one time investment has proven to reap returns unlike ever before. The app owner simply needs to purchase this app once and empower many service providers across various industries to earn money.

As the service providers continue earning money by getting more jobs, the users find it ever more convenient to hire the rightly skilled professionals for the task at hand. And while everyone is getting happier, the app owner earns a commission too.

This commission is earn not from the users, but from the service providers. Basically, the app owner levies a convenience fee on the service providers for utilising their app to get jobs. So, if there is a beautician who wishes to become digital but does not want to spend on an independent app, they can simply register with the app and offer their services at a price point of their choosing. When someone books them for a service, they pay a percentage of their earnings to the app owner as commission.

The percentage of commission that an app owner earns is decide by him or her. They can utilise the dynamic and powerful admin dashboard to adjust the percentage of commission as per the market rates or whatever they see as fit.

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The Gojek clone app is a huge app. by considering the fact that the app offers access to over 82 different types of services, you would have already gained an idea about how big and vast the app’s domain is.

The app is specifically design to ensure that the user finds it absolutely easy to book services and then pay for it. So, they have the following payment options:

  1. Pay by cash once the service is deliver
  2. Pay using the app’s ingrained digital wallet once the service is book and confirm
  3. Pay using their credit cards once the job is confirm
  4. Pay using their debit cards once the job is accept and confirm


This is a question that has many answers. It all comes down to the type of Gojek clone app you have purchased. The app has become so popular that many developers the world over have created their own versions of this app.

Some are feature rich and absolutely secure, while others are simpler and don’t yet have all the features that make it suitable for a practical market solution. In case yours is the latter, you should be weary because your brand’s reputation and the popularity of the app hinges on it.

However, if you have selected a fully functional feature rich app developed by a reputed on demand mobile app development company Vietnam, then things should be absolutely secure.


This is an app that is meant to function well in any corner of the world. Now, since each region has a different payment gateway that works well, it is of utmost importance that you select an app that has the payment gateway most popular and secure in your region integrated within the app.

If you do so, you can rest assured that the app will offer secure online transactions for your users. Their data will be protect making it easy for them to place orders. Hire service providers and make payments whenever required without having to rely only on the cash payment method.

Another important thing to remember is that not all users wish to make payment using a single card. Sometimes, users have more than one debit or credit card. If this is the case, then your app should be equipp to manage multiple cards per profile.

Therefore, when you try to get your own on demand Gojek clone app, you should make sure that the app has the feature of multiple card management. With the aid of this feature, a user can enter the details of multiple cards in the app so that they can be recall when needed.


If you wish to make sure that the Gojek Clone App Vietnam that you offer to the market is loaded with the right set of features that makes it a breeze to go through online payments of any kind of service or purchase, then it is critical that you have the multiple card management and payment gateway integration feature in the app.

It will benefit you greatly if you speak to the app development team before hand to make sure that there are no lapses here. Only rely on a reputed on demand mobile app development company with experience in building and launching on demand apps so that they can not only provide you with the right app but also help you and guide you in the right direction.