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7 Ways to Fortify Usability of Website Design


The first interaction point with customers by being the best website design company in Kolkata is the website for any business.

Most of the time web designers make a very common mistake where they don’t realize the importance of the points that only create a winning user experience but also an aesthetically advanced website design.

Before we move forward, the top web design company in Kolkata will shed some light on the points that will help you understand the importance of usability of any website design.

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Below we describe the points:

  • Unclog the Clutter- Don’t make your website too congested with images and contents, if the users don’t feel comfortable looking at it, they will exit the page immediately. Keep it minimal.
  • Swift the load time- This is a common issue and mistake. When your web page is taking time to load, the users are going to feel irritated and think that your website has a virus and therefore will leave. Take the average time that is suitable for loading a web page.
  • Maximize your visibility-Visibility is important to users, a way that they get everything and look at everything quite easily with the information they are looking for. It is a web page, not an art project. Stick to simplicity.
  • Make the page layout-Your page layout must not make the users feel hard to read or find what they are looking for. Complexity while reading? Get ready to get negative feedback. Not much, just what is needed with appropriate images and their contents. 
  • Adjust the Size of the search box – You don’t want to add some more work when the queries start barging in, so keep the search box size to 18 characters. More options mean more headaches. A website must be easy to handle by you and easy to check by your users.
  • Focus on Typography-Never try fonts that look good to you, always use fonts that spell every word clearly. At least the users are going to look for something easy to read. They are here for information about your services; they plan to see your creativity later. Don’t get creative just like that, unless you are asked.
  • Create links on your website- The universal color for spotting a link is blue. If you think to do otherwise, the users are not going to know, because they know the blue color means link, other colors will not grab their attention. Sometimes going with the flow is beneficial for you.


There you go with the 7 Ways to Fortify Usability of Website Design. The Top web design company in Kolkata is glad to share their experience and knowledge with people looking for answers.

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