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6 Tips to Help You Support Your Local Farming Community

Have you ever considered supporting your local farming community? You don’t have to go work for the farm to support it. The six tips below are easy ways you can do your part to help these communities thrive. Plus, they’re easy to do and you will reap benefits as well. Keep reading to see how you can contribute.

1. Shop At Your Local Farmer’s Market

The top resource that local farmers need is money. After all, without money, nothing happens. Shopping at a local farmer’s market directly gives farmers what they need most of all.

This cuts out the middleman – big box stores that may take a cut of the profits. They get the money directly in their hands, giving them the maximum profit for their goods.

You also reap benefits by shopping at a local farmer’s market. By buying directly from the farmer, you get fresher foods. Think about it – the food at a big box store has to come from the farm to the store, meaning that there is a lot of shipping time in between.

Foods in big box stores are closer to their expiration dates by the time you buy them. You’ll also help boost the local economy by shopping directly with farmers.

2. If You Do Shop in Big Box Stores, Buy Local Products

These days, most big box stores offer a section in which local products are sold. While the big box retailers are getting a cut of the profits, money still trickles down to farmers. Perhaps you don’t live near a farmer’s market. This would be the next best way to support local farms.

Next time you’re shopping, visit the local products section of the store. You may be pleasantly surprised at the interesting goods you’ll find.

3. Help Spread the Word

Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement for any business. If you shop with a local farmer and you love the products and service, do the farmer a favor and spread the word. Tell your friends and family.

Share the information on social media. You could even share pictures or videos. If they have a website or web presence, try to leave a review. Doing all of these things helps to spread the word.

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4. Try to Convince Other Businesses To Do Business with Local Farms

Plenty of companies use catering services or offer food to their employees and guests. If you’re part of an organization or you work for a company with catering needs, try convincing the powers that be to do business with local farms.

There are plenty of benefits to be had by doing this – mainly that the company will save money. The company will also increase its relationship with the local community by showing support for those that support the company.

5. Support Laws and Ordinances That Help Local Farms

Governments, especially local governments, often pass ordinances that are intended to support the growth and survival of local farms. Sometimes these ordinances are voted on by citizens. If that’s the case, voting for these laws will help local farms thrive.

Even if it’s in the form of a small tax increase, this can be offset by shopping with farmers and saving money on your grocery bill. In the end, everyone is better off by supporting these laws and/or ordinances.

6. Help Supply Your Local Farms

Sometimes helping out your local farming community isn’t always about buying something. You could make charitable donations that help keep the farms running. These donations could be a potential tax write-off for you.

Donations don’t have to be major equipment (unless you happen to be feeling extremely generous). Items such as hay tarps or hand tools would be welcomed by farmers. You could even volunteer a few hours of work to help out.

Supporting local farms isn’t hard!

Everything on this list is easy to do. It doesn’t take a lot of time and effort and each one provides you with benefits as well as the farms. In fact, you’ll see those benefits extend out into other areas of your community as well. So, what are you waiting for? Start with the first one and have fun working your way down the list!