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Gojek Clone: One Platform for all your On-Demand Services

People can be locked in their own homes anytime now, especially when this lethal Virus is actively infecting a population of millions every day. Governments across Globe can announce another lockdown, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be cut off from getting our On-Demand Services like we used to! Gojek Clone has made it easier for us to book a Service or buy a Product Online.  

Its Multi-Service capabilities have already left us stunned. Did you know the App can officiously offer you more than 70+ On-Demand Services from a Single Digital Platform? Well, if you didn’t, then let us tell you about some of its amazing and enthralling Services. 


1. Delivery Genie 

Josephine missed her Best Friend’s Baby Shower because she was in Chicago for her Work Meetings. She’s back now and feels bad about not attending the Baby Shower. 

Josephine is going to her friend’s home to meet her and have a girl’s night. It’s already late and she doesn’t know what to give her. So, her husband gave her an idea ‘why don’t you get her a bouquet and your friend’s favorite Casse-Cou Chocolate Winter Chocolate Box.’

She hired a Delivery Genie from the App Like Gojek, and on the App, she instructed the Driver to purchase Standard Purity Bouquet of gorgeous white luxury Rose blooms in a white vase from Gotham Florist and Winter Chocolate Box from Casse-Cou. 

The Delivery Genie first went to pick the flowers. He uploaded the picture of the bouquet on the App and only upon Josephine’s approval the Genie went ahead and purchased the bouquet.  Next, he went to Casse-Cou to get the chocolates. The genie uploaded the picture of the Winter Chocolate Box on the App and after she approved the product, the Genie made the payment at the shop. 

The delivery Genie delivered everything to Josephine’s home in 20 minutes! She then paid the total amount of US$365 to Genie in Cash. 

2. Doctors

Mr. Smith is feeling slightly feverish. He had already caught the flu 2 times in a month. Worried about his immunity, he asked his Son to schedule a Video Consultation with a Physician nearby using KINGX 2022 App. So, his Son went through every Physician’s Profiles, compared the Ratings & Reviews, their Qualifications, etc., and scheduled a Video Consultation with Doctor Williams who was 1.5 miles away from their Location. 

At the Scheduled Time, the Doctor and Mr. Smith had a One-On-One Conversation. After the Session got over, Mr. Smith’s Son credit card got debited with US$243.70. This deduced amount was Doctor Williams’ Consultation Fees. He also Prescribed him some Medicines which his Son immediately Ordered using the Pharmacy Delivery Service through the App itself! 

3. Beauty Services 

Maria has to fly to Illinois for her Cousin Brother’s Engagement. She had to work two shifts at the Hospital, and in between everything, she forgot to schedule an appointment at Beauty Plus Salon. So, she quickly opened her Gojek Clone App and booked a 5-starred Beautician for:

Endurance Pedicure = US$60 

Royal Skin Rejuvenation Treatment (Microdermabrasion + Facial) = US$230.00

She scheduled the Beautician Services for the Next Day at 11:00 ET. 

The Beautician came to her house on time. She was impressed by the Beautician’s Service, so after paying him the Cash Amount, she only took a minute to mark her as a favorite!


Provide more than 70+ On-Demand Services! Launch your very own Gojek Clone App with a White-Labeling Firm with at least a Decade’s Experience in launching such an App on a regular daily basis.

Try your hands on KINGX 2022. It is very similar to the Original Indonesian Gojek App but it is Bigger and Better! KINGX 2022 has amazing and trendy Features equipped in One Single Platform! 

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