Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass  is one of the most famous treks in India. Hampta Pass Trek has become one of the most desired or wanted trekking sites for the trekkers not only in India but  all over the world. The Hampta Pass Trek has its location in the Himachal Pradesh( the land of mountains) on the famous ranges of Pir Panjal. The Hampta Pass  is located at an altitude of about 4270m i.e. 14039 ft above the mean sea level. The Hampta Pass Trek derived its name from the Hampta village, it is a small village which is located below the Sethan Village (present nearby the trekking route).  There’s  a mention of a little aisle which is present in between Lahaul’s Chandra Valley and that of the famous Kullu Valley. 

Hampta Pass Trekking can be considered to be the heartthrob of all the treks present in our country. This amazing trekking route  attracts trekkers because of the seraphic landscape and the scenic beauty that it beholds. Hampta Pass trekking is mostly known for its wonderful mountain ranges, snow-clad mountain peaks, waterfalls, lakes, streams, glaciers, and forests. The forest that is mostly found in this trek are Rhododendron Forests with large numbers of Pine and Oak trees. There are also many meadows and  grasslands found on the trek route which has enhanced the beauty of this trek even more. 

The Hampta Pass Trek is basically with a medium level of difficulty. So, the people either beginners or experienced, feel comfortable on this trekking route or site. During trekking the trekkers can increase the length of their trekking routes by selecting some nearby spots. Chandratal Lake, Mount Indersan and Deo Tibba are some of the famous spots which have to be visited during the trek.

The Hampta Pass Trek is bestowed with some of the challenging trek routes as well. The trekkers can spend memorable time here which will be a mixture of fun, joy, challenge, emotion and adventure.

This trekking route will be basically 5 to 6 days.

The main speckle for camping in the Hampta Pass Trek are:

•           Jobri

•           Chikka

•           Balu Ka Ghera

•           Shea Goru

•           Chhatru

The Hampta Pass  cannot be described just by words but has to be experienced. The Hampta Pass Trek has an ideal season or month for its exploration and that is from the mid of June. In the first half of June the amount of snow is little bit less than the middle of the month. From the Mid of June the density and the amount of snow increases which makes an ideal situation for the snow climbers to make the start of their expeditions.

Throughout the Hampta Pass Trek, the abundance of the snow can be observed. There will be many snow bridges at different spots in the Hampta Pass trek. The presence of the beautiful views of the mountains and snows will make you completely numb & insane. The trekkers describe this trek as the Arctic in India many times. This is such an amazing trekking route that has to be experienced for at least once in your lifetime.

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