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How Much Will HBOT Therapy Cost for Continued Treatments

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a non-invasive treatment method that has been used to treat a wide range of ailments since six decades. This traditional therapy was initially introduced to the world during the early 1960s’, whilst being used to treat naval divers for decompression sickness. 

In the years that followed, physicians have used HBOT therapy to provide relief to patients with numerous other medical conditions ranging from concussions to serious afflictions like cancer. 

Top athletes and celebrities from the movie industry have been vocifeorusly endorsing the benefits of this alternative treatment solution. 

The popularity of HBOT as a viable alternative treatment solution has prompted manufacturers of hyperbaric chambers to offer these devices at competetive prices. 

Currently, clinics and hospitals with in-house HBOT chambers are being set-up in every corner of the nation.

How Is HBOT Therapy Administered To Patients?

During HBOT therapy, the patient is placed in a pressurized compartment known as a hyperbaric chamber. The patient can opt to either lie down or be seated through the duration of the HBOT session.

Thereon, trained HBOT experts administer pure oxygen into the body fluids of the patient at enhanced pressure levels that are 1.2 to 3 times higher than the normal atmospheric pressure at sea-level. 

The pressurized pure oxygen instantly mixes into the bloodstream and activates the tissues that are damaged or dormant due to injury. The rapid cell regeneration that occurs post HBOT therapy is believed to curb the damage to internal or external tissues in the body and aid the patients’ recovery process.

The relatively higher cost of HBOT therapy is an aspect that is crucial for patients opting for this treatment.

How Much Does HBOT Therapy Cost For Continued Treatments?

Patients and their care-givers must consider all the financial aspects of HBOT therapy prior to signing-up for continued treatments. 

Certain factors that can have a substantial impact on the HBOT therapy cost are listed herewith:

The Medical Condition Of the Patient:

The FDA has clearly specified a list of ailments that can be treated using HBOT therapy such as:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Non-healing wounds.
  • Necrotizing soft tissue infection.
  • Infected skin grafts and flaps.
  • Radiation injury.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Decompression sickness.
  • Crush injury.
  • Acute ischemia.
  • Gas gangrene.
  • Central retinal artery occlusion.

These above-mentioned medical conditions are known as on-label conditions. Patients can claim health insurance if they opt for HBOT therapy from hospital-based chambers to treat any of these FDA-approved on-label conditions.

However, HBOT therapy is also being prescribed by medical experts for various other ailments that are not certified by the FDA and are commonly identified as off-label conditions. Health insurance providers do not approve claims from patients having undergone HBOT therapy for off-label medical conditions. 

The Mode Of HBOT Treatment:

The HBOT therapy cost depends on the type of hyperbaric chamber that is used for treatment. Patients can opt for this therapy through two modes, namely, hospital based chambers and mild hyperbaric chambers that can be set-up at their residence.

  • A hospital based or professional hyperbaric chamber from a reputed manufacturer can cost around $22,000 and is specifically designed for use at hospitals or clinics.
  • A mild hyperbaric chamber is lightweight, portable and can be effortlessly installed at home. These chambers are available at approximately $4,000. However, an important point that needs to be considered is that mild HBOT therapy administered at independent clinics is not covered by health insurance providers. Mild hyperbaric chambers can also be rented for short term treatment where the cost is comparitively low.

The choice of undergoing HBOT therapy at a hospital or purchasing a chamber for home installation depends on the severity of the patients’ medical condition. 

The HBOT therapy cost per session from an independent provider for off-label ailments can vary between $250-$450 whereas a similar treatment session can cost around $1000 at a large hospital. 

Alternatively, if the HBOT therapy is required for more than a year, it makes prudent sense to rent in a mild hyperbaric chamber at home instead of undertaking expensive treatment sessions at a large hospital or clinic. 

Early Diagnosis Of Symptoms

Most individuals are known to experience specific symptoms that signal the development of an underlying medical condition. Any individual facing any discomfort in their health parameters should consult a medical expert at once. 

Early diagnosis of an ailment enables medical experts to accurately recommend the requisite duration of HBOT therapy to a patient. Patients commencing HBOT treatment in the primary stages of an illness have a better chance of recovery.  

Medical professionals usually recommend 60-90 minutes of HBOT sessions on any given day, two to four times a week, spread over a period of two or more months. The duration of these sessions depends solely on the severity of the medical condition. 

Health conditions such as traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other chronic ailments may require extended sessions of HBOT for a prolonged period of time. The long-drawn HBOT treatment cycle will require proper financial planning. Patients and their care-givers must have absolute clarity regarding the mandatory rules and regulations of health insurance providers to avoid hassles whilst placing claims post their medical treatment.

Adept financial planning is essential if a patient desires to keep the HBOT therapy cost for continued treatments under control.

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