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Benefit of Vitamin D

Health Benefit of Vitamin D

The human body needs an adequate supply of minerals and vitamins to function optimally, and vitamin D’s role is no exception. Often called the sunshine vitamin, this is produced in the human body because of exposure to sunlight. Alternately, it can also be taken in as food and supplements.

Vitamin D is necessary for its myriad benefits, of which the most significant are protection of healthy teeth and bones and prevention of diseases like Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis and cancer. With a valid PatchMD coupon code, you will be able to save quite a lot when you order for vitamin supplements. The truth is vitamin D is not a vitamin really; it is essentially a pro-hormone. Unlike other vitamins, this can be produced by us when we are exposed to the sun. Below are listed a few of the health benefits of this vitamin:

  1. Healthy Bones: There is no denying the fact that vitamin D regulates calcium levels in the body and also maintains both calcium and phosphorus levels. Both these factors are needed for healthy bones.
  2. Calcium Absorption: Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption in intestines by reclaiming the calcium that may have got excreted by the kidneys.
  3. Reduces Flu Risks: When children were prescribed vitamin D supplements for a short-term period it was observed that it could reduce risks of flu by more than 40%.
  4. Lowers Chances of Diabetes: Studies have shown that there is an inverse relationship between risk of Type 2 diabetes and vitamin D concentration in the blood. People having Type 2 diabetes have low levels of vitamin D and this can adversely affect insulin secretion. Infants that were given vitamin D supplements every day were found to be less susceptible to getting Type 1 diabetes.
  5. Healthier Infants: Children having blood pressure within normal range and given 2000 IU vitamin D every day were found to have less arterial wall thickness compared to those given only 400 IU. Low vitamin D levels are found to be linked to higher risks of atopic childhood health issues like asthma, eczema and atopic dermatitis.
  6. Healthy Pregnancy: Pregnant women who have low vitamin D levels are at risk of developing preeclampsia that necessitates a C-section. Low vitamin D is also linked to bacterial vaginosis and diabetes mellitus in pregnant women. At the same time, high vitamin D levels may be linked to greater risks of food allergies in children within the first two years.
  7. Prevention of Cancers: Vitamin D is known for regulating growth of cells. There are studies that show that the hormonally active version of vitamin D called calcitriol helps to reduce cancer progression. It slows down growth of new blood vessels inside cancerous tissues, and boosts cancer cell death. It can also cut down risks of metastases and cell proliferation. In short, this vitamin has the power to influence 200 and more human genes; so these would be severely impaired when there is vitamin D deficiency in the body.
  8. Stimulates Pancreas: Vitamin D can also stimulate pancreas to release more insulin and regulate the immune system. It can reduce risk of people developing multiple sclerosis and heart diseases.
  9. Fights Depression: Research shows that this sunshine vitamin can actually lift up your spirits and keep away feelings of depression. People with fibromyalgia were also seen to experience depression and anxiety when they have lower vitamin D levels.
  10. Weight Loss Benefits: This vitamin can actually help you lose weight when you take in supplements with your meals. You can buy these vitamin supplements from trustworthy websites. Studies prove that excess calcium and vitamin D have an appetite-suppressing impact, while obese people take vitamin D supplements every day to fight off heart problems.

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