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Paediatric heart surgery

Paediatric Heart Surgery Know the common procedures performed

If the child is suffering from congenital heart defects (CHD) immediately after birth, then there is required treatment to ensure the child’s overall wellbeing and a better and healthy future. Several types of heart disorders may affect the child ranging from severe to minor issues. Such disorders could occur within the heart or perhaps in large blood vessels that are located external of the heart. Some heart defects do not require repair since they can heal on their own with the development of the child. But other type of disorders may require performing surgical remedy after child birth. The best paediatric cardiac surgeons in india are adequately trained and qualified to perform the necessary surgical remedy to help the child to have a healthy, functioning heart.

Paediatric heart surgery types

Different types of heart surgery are conducted on the child with each one have its own benefits.

  • Aorta Coarctation repairmen: As portion of the aorta gets narrow, similar to an hourglass timer, it leads to developing aorta coarctation. Flow of blood to be body’s lower parts gets affected due to this disorder, thereby causing high blood pressure. Usually, surgery is recommended to rectify this defect. Several approaches can be taken to rectify this issue, few of which are given below:
    • Narrow section is cut in the heart, which is made bigger using artificial synthetic patch.
    • The narrow section is removed at times by stitching having remaining ends together.
    • Performing ‘bypass surgery’ is another way to rectify this issue. Here, a tube is connected to the narrow section’s side to carry out bypass to the aorta’s vital parts. Through the tunnel, blood flow and then bypasses this particular thin section.
  • PDA (Patent ductus arteriosus) ligation: The baby in the womb has blood vessel referred to as ductus arteriosus that runs between pulmonary artery and aorta. as the baby begins to breathe on own, it closes itself. After birth, if it is found still open, then it is referred to as PDA (patent ductus arteriosus). This surgery will be essential to provide cure if medications do not work as expected. The surgeons create an incision on the chest’s left hand side. Then ductus arteriosus is cut or divided. The procedure is carried out in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).
  • VSD (Ventricular septal defect) repair: If a hole occurs within the ventricular septum, which is the wall that exists between the heart’s left and right ventricles, thus leading to development of VSD. Oxygenated blood is mixed with used blood. Such condition leads to various types of heart problems including irregular heartbeats. The best option is surgery to rectify this disorder. Cases, where endocarditis or heart failure is occurred due to VSD development, there will be required open heart surgery for rectification purpose. The surgeon usually closes the hole that develops in the septum using a patch.
  • ASD (Atrial septal defect) repair: If hole develops in Atrial Septum, the wall between the heart’s right and left atria, it is referred to as an ASD. With its occurrence, blood without and with oxygen gets mixed with one another, thereby causing different types of medical issues. The best option is surgery for repairing such disorders faced. Such patients are recommended to undergo open heart surgery. Septum is closed by stitching or placing patch upon the hole for covering it.
  • Truncus arteriosus repair: This condition takes place when all the three major blood vessels, namely the pulmonary artery, coronary arteries and the aorta originate from a common trunk. This is stated to be among the rarest condition developing in the child and is also complicated. Single or couple of surgeries might be necessary to ensure complete cure. Pulmonary arteries are separated from aortic trunk and all defects are patched. Once completed, a connection is created between the pulmonary arteries and the right ventricle.
  • Transposition of great vessels repair: As pulmonary veins and aorta develops from the heart’s extreme sides, this particular transposition results in generation of different types of congenital disabilities. Placing such vessels right into their laces is done through open heart surgery. The qualified child cardiology doctor in india performs arterial switch for solving the issue. Pulmonary artery and aorta is divided and connected to its place, with coronary arteries and aorta to left ventricle and pulmonary artery to right ventricle.

The above are few of the pediatric heart surgery conducted by the specialists.

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