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How to Fix IPTV Buffering on Firestick and any Device (2023)

You may use the best IPTV service provider and have subscribed to the best plan to access all Live TV video shows. Buffering is the major issue that affects user experience. Especially while using a Firestick, even after choosing the best IPTV for Firestick, you may encounter buffering issues.

Amazon firestick is the most popular and highly user-rated video streaming device that is incredibly easy to set up. Firestick is preferred by millions of users mainly for its amazing streaming quality.

Even though Amazon’s Firestick has a greater market reputation, few customers face the buffering problem. Here we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide to fix IPTV buffering issue on Firestick.

What are the reasons for buffering on Firestick?

Before we find ways to fix the issue, we need to first analyze the root cause for it. This will help us to be more protective while using any IPTV service provider to watch videos.

  • Slow internet connection – there is no doubt that this is one of the reasons for buffering. Internet connection has a greater role in streaming videos on our Firestick or any other device. If your connection is not up to the level then you cannot avoid buffering issues.
  • ISP throttling – when there is too much data transfer happening then the internet service provider will throttle the network which causes buffering.
  • Firestick is far from router or modem – the signal strength between your modem and firestick should be strong to deliver uninterrupted video streaming. If they are kept far from each other then the signal gets weak and this causes an interruption in the IPTV service.
  • Low RAM – this is one of the hidden reasons for buffering as your Firestick may run out of RAM as there may be several applications running in the background.
  • Overheating of the device- if you keep streaming for hours then obviously your Firestick may get overheated and this affects the connection to get disconnected often.
  • Outdated Firestick OS- you need to keep upgrading your Firestick OS whenever there is an upgrade available. If you keep running your Firestick with an outdated OS then the functionality is widely affected and will perform poorly.

How to stop buffering on your Firestick video streaming device?

So far, we have identified the causes of buffering. Now it is time to fix those issues with simplified steps. You can try these steps in any best free IPTV streaming apps.

Test your internet speed

As we all know this is the major cause for buffering, we need to first check our internet speed. To stream 4K video content you need to have a minimum 25Mbps internet speed. This is especially when you are using the best free sports streaming sites, you should have high internet speed.

There are many online internet checking tools available for Firestick. You need to install any of that checking tools and should run a Quick test. You will get a report about your internet speed and then you can take the necessary measures to increase your speed.

Go for an ethernet connection

Most of us rely on wi-fi internet connections. When you use to access the best IPTV service provider then you cannot be sure about the connectivity as your Wi-Fi connection may go down anytime. So, it is recommended to use an ethernet internet connection that will offer continuous internet supply and will avoid buffering.

Use a reliable VPN service

Internet service providers impose throttling that disrupts the video streaming process on many free IPTV streaming apps. To overcome this issue, you can use a reliable VPN service where your IP address will be hidden and your ISP cannot identify from where there is heavy usage of video streaming happening and you can be free from throttling. But while selecting VPN, you need to look for the Best BPN for Firestick.

Make use of an external video player

You need to understand that buffering can be caused because of your video player. In this case, you can make use of an external video player that will reduce buffering easily. There are many online external media players for Firestick available and you can choose the one that has a better brand reputation.

Restart your streaming device

This is one of the common solutions to fix the buffering issue. You can simply restart your Firestick which will forcibly shut down your streaming application and will rejuvenate your device for better streaming performance. Keep in mind that you are just going to restart your system not resetting your system. Because in resetting all your data will be erased and will become the factory default setting.

Stop all unwanted background apps

When you have too many applications running in the background of the video streaming device then it is very obvious that the video will face buffering. This will also eat up your memory and will make it difficult for video streaming. You can use any free maintenance app that can free all background applications and will let you stream videos without much difficulty.

Update Firestick software

Usually, any software needs to be updated often. This applies to Firestick too. You need to check for software upgrades and should upgrade the system frequently. This will help you to fix bugs and clear them to enhance the streaming performance of the device. You can check with Amazon as it will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade the firestick software.

Reset the router

If you are using a wi-fi router then you should keep in mind that the data transfer will be easily interrupted as speed consistency is not guaranteed with any wi-fi connection. So, it is very important to reset your router whenever you face buffering issues. Just give a long press on the router switch and wait for at least 30 secs and then power on the router. Now you will find a difference in your video streaming.

Cool down your firestick

Already we have seen that device heating is one of the causes of buffering. Whenever you continuously use your firestick for video streaming then automatically your device gets heated. You will get a warning message that the device overheating. Immediately you need to switch off your device and allow it to cool down else your firestick may get damaged permanently.


To get the best out of your best IPTV service provider, you need to know basic troubleshooting as we have discussed above. This will help you to continue your streaming service without depending on any technical support from the service provider. Fine-tune your skills in handling basic issues with your Firestick and enjoy video streaming.