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8 Business Benefits of Office 365 Managed Services

Cloud requirements are unpredictable! Well-known statistics convey the enormous growth Cloud Management Services have brought to distinct industries coping with their business needs. Cloud managed service providers can furnish your requirements in no time with unique accessible and scalable infrastructure, where you can pull out result-driven progresses with much needed resources with cost optimization.

The global cloud management service market size was USD 46.50 billion in 2019 and is expected to rise and reach USD 129.26 billion in 2027. Outsourcing managed cloud services can be one of the best ideas to achieve your business target as they meet your organization’s expectations in no time. Cloud management services provide end-to-end streamlined business operations with managed cloud security, cloud computing, storage, network operations, application stacks, and much more.

This article reveals the entire picture with 8 prioritized benefits of cloud managed services that handle monitoring and reporting, performance testing, backup, and recovery. 

Let’s go!

What are Cloud Managed Services?

  • Cloud managed services provide end-to-end solutions for the day-to-day management of cloud service environments. They generally include cloud migration services, modernization of cloud, cloud monitoring and networking, backup & disaster recovery, security & compliance monitoring, and governance.
  • With fixed monthly subscriptions, cloud managed providers like Microsoft Azure managed services, AWS cloud services & Google managed services provide outstanding features and services that fulfill cloud requirements of your business.
  • With various enhanced tech stacks and automated solutions, Managed cloud services create a defining path to actively take part in the digital transformation journey.

8 Benefits of Managed Cloud Services to your Business

  1. Cost Management
  2. Centralized Network
  3. Futuristic technology
  4. Robust Infrastructure
  5. Custom-made services
  6. Quick response times
  7. Disaster Recovery
  8. Security & compliance

Cost Management

  • Cost optimization is under your control when you choose to have cloud managed service providers. Outsourcing managed services of cloud can put you in the safest zone as you can mostly use the pay-as-you-go method.
  • This method refers to paying for the services you use during the subscription month. In a way, you can save resources and money. Cloud managed services will help you control your network maintenance costs as well.
  • By outsourcing Azure, AWS & Google cloud managed providers, one can save thousands each year rather than depending on in-house services.

Centralized Network

  • Only managed cloud service providers can maintain and manage all the applications and servers in a central data center within the managed cloud network. 
  • This can result in great support for remote network users as they can access centralized data within the same network including virtual services. 
  • With cloud services and a centralized network, one can build strong storage and backup recovery with increased availability & business performance.

Futuristic technology

  • Cloud migrations result in future-proof digital transformation services. Cloud migration service is the first step to future-proofing your data center.
  • It automatically brings the latest technology and services available for your business needs. In-house hiring requires a lot of spending when modern technology requires an upgrade. Whereas cloud managed service expertise is already trained to maintain the same with the latest technology standards.

Robust Infrastructure

  • Well-managed cloud service providers like Azure cloud management, AWS managed cloud, and G-Suite cloud managed services offer a robust network infrastructure with 24/7 management.
  • Depending on the service agreement, cloud managed service providers can monitor and scan the network for patch requirements security, and much more.
  • Managed cloud services can integrate existing business practices and policies to manage your network to coincide with your organizational goals.

Custom-made services

  • As you know, cloud management services maintain a prominent place in providing scalable, flexible, and accessible cloud management solutions specially designed according to customer needs.
  • A few managed service providers provide pay-per-service or payment plans, encouraging your business to focus funds on growth. 
  • Some managed providers concentrate on offering a converged solution that also saves additional costs, and these converged solutions may include security protection, network monitoring, or the setup of a new service area.

Quick response times

  • Businesses or organizations often expect quick response times through enterprise-level monitoring and remote cloud services to avoid negative customer experiences.
  • Cloud managed service providers focus on procuring faster response times to serve customers in the most deliberate manner.
  • Agile cloud network services, partnered with Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google, monitor and repair any network issue remotely. If you must resolve an issue locally, a technician should be dispatched within the same business day.

Disaster Recovery

  • Backup & disaster recovery are the most essential things required for a business or organization to retrieve your lost data anytime and anywhere.
  • These services act as a lifeline for your cloud managed services, as their prominence is not outspoken in most cases. It is not just about backup, but managed services are designed with countless networks and data centers with proven redundancy and resiliency to maintain business continuity.
  • Your data will be safe and secured across all cloud services and applications. It eventually reduces downtime.

Security & compliance

  • Cloud security is the highest priority for any cloud management service provider. Embracing scalability and flexibility is important as many organizations follow the same.  
  • Office 365 managedservices are much aware of the situation, and they help businesses evolve with security, identity, and compliance. They aim to build security into the core of cloud infrastructure to meet their unique security requirements in the cloud. 
  • One will benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.  


Business requirements may vary from time to time based on your clients. Cloud requirements might become more hazardous to take care of if not backed up by cloud managed service providers. Choose the right cloud managed service provider to inculcate your cloud needs with highly modernized, and migration services. It can save your day from huge losses.

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