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How Much Does it Cost to Build an iPhone App?

Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives, and mobile apps are now the need of the moment. Hence, businesses are investing in app development for higher revenue and growth. 

Suppose you are looking to know more about iOS development costs, then this article can help you. We have noted the factors affecting the mobile app development cost and other parameters you should consider.

Factors Affecting iPhone Mobile App Development Cost

Defining the App Category

There are different popular app categories on Play Store: Gaming, Entertainment, Social Media, Utility, Educational, Business, Lifestyle, Travel, News, etc.

While deciding the app category, keep your purpose in mind so that you can provide services exactly as per your user’s needs. Different app categories will have different costs.

iOS App Feature Complexity

Apps of different categories require different features. Some features require a higher cost, which ultimately impacts the overall cost of app development. A more complex app will require more developers, third-party integration, and thorough testing, hence a higher price.

App Size

As per your app size, the number of screens and features also increases. The large app requires more developers and designers for different roles and processes, such as management, testing, and designing. As a result, the development time and cost will enhance as well.

Cost of Hiring iOS App Developers

Hiring a more experienced developer means a higher rate. An experienced iOS developer will be well-versed in the latest technologies, design patterns, layouts, and APIs. The more skills developers have, the more their charges will be, which can increase the final cost of your iOS app.

UI/UX Cost

An important factor affecting the overall cost of developing an iOS app is the UI/UX design. With the simple user interface and easy-to-navigate feature, your app can stand out in the market. It will help if you focus on building an interactive, visually attractive, easy-to-use app that can engage and attract people.

Cost of Third-Party API Integration

API allows your app to communicate with another app or service. Hence if you are developing an app that requires the integration of some other apps or services, you can create an API yourself, or third-party APIs are also available.

Developing an API will increase your development time and cost; as a result, the overall cost of development will also increase. If you use a third-party API, they will charge you according to their integration services and your project requirements.

App Testing and Maintenance Cost

No matter how perfect your app is, it will require testing. Testing features is essential to ensure that your app provides hassle-free services to the user. The more testing time, the more testing cost will be. Testing the more complex and significant number of features will also extend the testing time.

iOS apps also require time-to-time maintenance or updates. Hence the app developers need to provide technical support to the users for smooth functioning. Providing a seamless user experience requires periodic monitoring, and maintenance is lifelong. The average cost of maintaining an app can be 20% to 50% of your app’s initial development cost yearly.

Wrapping Up

Numerous factors apart from the above-listed factors affect the cost of iOS app development. Additionally, you need to hire top developers with years of experience to get started with your iOS app development.

The more features you add to your app, the higher the development cost, but if you put it simply, developing an iOS app ranges between $20,000 to $300,000. The price may vary as per your app development requirements. It is a good idea to speak to experts or companies offering iPhone app development services to have the best quality app developed per your requirements and budget.