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How to Improve Women’s Hair Quality

According to a British study analysis, 60 percent of women affected by hair loss believe that their career has suffered as a result of the optical change.

And in a scientific study of chemotherapy, almost half of the patients said that the loss of their hair was the worst part of the entire treatment.

How Important is the Hair to Women?

What happens to a woman’s hair can affect her physical, mentally and emotionally. 

It can affect her well-being, mood, and self-confidence. 

The importance of hair care and styling is correspondingly great. 

An online survey of 1000  women showed that If there was time pressure in the morning, 72 percent would forego make-up, 19 percent would dress more negligently – but only nine percent would go outside the door without hair.

How to Care for the Hair

According to the Body Care and Detergent Industry Association, 13 billion euros were spent on hair care products in US last year. 

The question is not what kind of care the hair needs, but which hair needs care

This is because the hair is basically a renewable raw material. If the roots are well taken care of and the existing hair is not damaged, neither oils nor proteins are needed.

A balanced diet and brush massages that stimulate blood circulation keep the scalp and roots good. 

The hair itself remains intact, especially if you  style it regularly and  use quality treatments on it. 

To start, untangles the hair lengths carefully with a soft brush. Then put a small portion of shampoo in the palms of the hands with water and spreads it on the top of the head. 

Now, just massage the scalp with your fingertips to prevent the hair from becoming matted and rinse out the shampoo very thoroughly.

The foam that drains off cleans the lengths of hair without exposing them to mechanical stress.

Then let the hair be lightly brushed without conditioner or treatment so that it shines. 

Additives in the shampoo such as perfume, dyes, silicone and foaming agents are of little use to the hair.

For me, i prefer mild shampoos, for example with herbal detergent substances. 

There are different good cosmetics brands with gentle and scalp-friendly products in pharmacies.

How Nutrition affects Hair quality 

Thinner body, thinner hair? Extremely one-sided nutrition sometimes leads to an undersupply of certain nutrients, which can also affect hair. 

However, a doctor should clarify whether food supplements can compensate for the deficiency.

A possible cause of brittle hair and hair loss could be iron deficiency as a result of heavy menstrual bleeding.

An underactive thyroid can also lead to dry, thin hair and hair loss

With good nutrition, you can even do without shampoo and hair treatments.

There are women who only wash their hair with water and apply oil, and they don’t experience any issue.

Hair is still bad despite good Nutrition 

If the hair still looks strawy, for example through heating air in winter and electrostatic charges.

You can rub your hair slightly with your palms,  then rub a drop of moisturizing lotion in your hands and carefully apply it to the top hair and tips.

In severe cases, use vinegar to rinse the hair. It has a contracting effect, and do close the flaky layer.

The smell evaporates quickly, if you are skeptical, you can also use the juice of a lemon in a liter of water or hair products that work accordingly.

If wet hair dries quickly in high heat, the evaporating water molecules break up certain protein bridges in the hair fiber.

The hair becomes dull and becomes easily tangled. 

In this case, you can Wrap a towel around wet hair, gently press or wring it dry, never rub.

Hold the hair dryer as far away from the head as possible to avoid selective overheating.

Blow dry in the direction of growth. This closes the cuticle and makes the hair shine again.

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