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Why dermatology is considered to be an important branch of medical science

Dermatology is considered to be a sub-specialty of medical science, dealing with disorders and diseases associated with the skin. Doctors who treat skin related issues are referred to as Dermatologists. They are specially trained in the field of surgical and medical aspects with regards to providing skin care, including aesthetic, function and cosmetic improvements. The subsets belonging to this specialty tend to include disorders, treatment of nails, hair and the scalp region. There are various types of therapies that are offered by the best dermatologist in India. It includes cosmetic filler injections, hair removal, photodynamic or laser therapy, tumescent liposuction, tattoo removal, cryosurgery along with different types of non-medicated or medicated topical as well as systemic therapies. 

Types of procedures

Cosmetic filler injections

This procedure is found to be a popular type of anti-aging, non-surgical dermatology treatment offered to both men and women. It is used generally to eliminate or reduce wrinkles that appear on the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet to add shape and size to the lips. On outpatient basis, there is offered injections in the clinic settings that requires very less time to recover. Moreover, the results can be obtained immediately, while the risks associated with this procedure is relatively low. Even the costs involved to conduct this procedure are reasonable, thereby making the procedure extremely safe, effective and popular. 

Hair removal

This procedure is achieved using laser follicle destruction or electrolysis. Each technique is found to be just appropriate to treat different kinds of hair present on different kinds of skin structure. Laser hair removal for example is stated to be the most effective one when used on light and dark skin. It also helps to provide treatment for large areas within a short span of time. For small areas having light or fine hair, electrolysis is much more suitable. Such procedures are used commonly and each treatment provided comes with relatively rare side effects, hence, making it extremely safe.

Tumescent liposuction

This surgical procedure is offered by both plastic surgeons and dermatologists alike to help patients to achieve desirable shape. But it is essential to know and understand that liposuction can never be utilized to replace healthy exercise and diet. Often, it is considered to be a viable option for those having lost plenty of weight recently, but still have few pounds remaining in their body which they are not able to eliminate completely. This might look bad on them and they are still likely to get ridiculed by the others for their obesity or face related health problems, which they are eager to do away with. Dilute anaesthetic is used by tumescent liposuction through local infusion for creating some space between the fatty tissue and muscles. More room is derived through this space for liposuction cannula, thereby helping to reduce systemic anaesthetic toxicity. 

Photodynamic and laser therapy

This therapy is often suggested by dermatologists to those people who are eager to eliminate or reduce their tattoos, birthmarks, skin disorders like cosmetic resurfacing, rejuvenation or vitiligo. Phototherapy can also be used as an effective non-surgical remedy to reduce metastasis related risks and treat pre-cancerous growths and skin cancer. There are many people who are eager to avail phototherapy or laser therapy to enhance their skin’s overall texture and tone.

Systemic and topical therapies do include immunotherapy, antibiotics, non-medical and medical topical gels or creams along with other injectable products which are designed for treating different types of skin disorders. Skin cancer, acne, pre-cancerous growths, hair removal or growth and anti-aging skin care are few disorder types which are treated using with these therapies. 

Cryosurgery is performed at the doctor’s a clinic on outpatient basis and helps treat skin cancers, warts and various types of dermatological disorders. For this, liquid nitrogen is used. There is also very minimal healing time required and the side effects also are quite less. Hence, this therapy is considered to be both safe and common. Both malignant and benign skin conditions could be treated using cryosurgery and therefore, it forms a crucial part of dermatology practice.

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