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Building an Instagram clone app easily

Thanks to the ever-growing necessity for the need of smartphones, the popularity of photo-sharing applications that includes the likes of Instagram and the such see a massive surge. It is because these apps, with the help of enthralling and rich features, captivate the user base belonging to various age groups and demographics.

Instagram has turned out to be the most popular and successful champion in the realm of photo /video sharing applications. Everyone loves to snap and upload images/videos that signify wonderful times and occasions. The brains behind Instagram worked on this concept, and that is what meant the thumping success of the application called Instagram.

Being an entrepreneur, you might also have an Instagram account and would have surely heard about its phenomenal popularity. No doubt you would have even thought of replicating the success of this mobile app through an Instagram clone.

Before diving in deep regarding the concept of Instagram Clone lets have a word about the Instagram app. Instagram is a US-based photo/video-sharing social media platform developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger almost a decade ago. It was launched originally for the iOS platform, and soon after a year, it was released for the Android platform as well.

With the application, the user base (Instagrammers) can snap and upload virtually any number of images and videos with highly advanced filter options and Geo-Location features. One can also manage tags and post comments in the photos as well. Soon the app added in-app messaging and the concept of what is called Stories (This is the feature to integrate several videos and pictures in a single post).

Rise of Instagram

These intriguing and fascinating features set in motion the vast love and popularity for the app called Instagram. Within two months, the app gained 1 million Instagrammers. In a year, this soared to 10 million and last May it registered a staggering 1 billion users. Now there are more than 500 million Instagram users who are active daily, and more than 100 million images/videos are uploaded on to Instagram every day.

All this speaks of the roaring success which Instagram achieved in a decade.

In the US alone, there are over 120 million users, and the Monthly Active Users for Instagram is predicted to cross 130 million in 2 years.

So now what’s an Instagram clone?

Its nothing but an application similar to Instagram that features all existing specialities of the latter and also comes with customization. The primary revenue of Instagram comes through paid advertisements. If you want to jump into this highly lucrative business of photo/ video-sharing social platform, then this is the right time to realize it through an Instagram clone that is highly innovative.

Speaking of Innovation, ascertain that the clone of yours doesn’t resemble the Instagram app in all aspects thoroughly. It should include some new features, and pre-existing features form Instagram that is customized to be highly advanced.

By now, you must have decided to get an Instagram clone developed immediately. But without rushing into that aspect immediately, you must have a reliable analysis regarding the present market domain. It will help you in establishing your supremacy in the market.

With Instagram featuring over 1 billion MAU, its growth can be attributed primarily to word-of-mouth marketing. The goal here is to create a buzz about your clone app and make people talk about it via the realm of social media. 

Social Media Marketing can do this, so does Referral Programs, Content Marketing Strategies and the utilization of Influencers.

Now you must not forget the aspect of User Retention for your Instagram clone app. The freshest and most captivating feature in your app will also lose its freshness with the time leading your app to fade into obscurity. Thereby smartly use the concept of Push Notifications to alert the user base if something new is happening regarding your application.

Research and analyze the demographics base and find out the time when the app usage frequency is at the maximum.

Monetizing your Instagram clone app: 

There are a plethora of revenue generation strategies for your clone app that include the likes of

(i) Native Ads

(ii) In-app purchases and

(iii) Stock Photos


Thus, that sums up all the details that are required to create an Instagram clone that is both popular and very lucrative form a business perspective.

If you are willing to get an Instagram clone developed for yourself, you are welcome to approach Instagramcloneapps, which will captivate you with its excellent services and features.

We can build a photo-sharing social platform app for the economical price ranging between $6000 to $15000 as based on the features and customization of your preference.

Visit to know more about us and our Instagram clone script.

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Vinoth is an enthusiastic tech guru based at the Canadian technology company, Instagramcloneapps. His expertise is associated with market analysis and blogging.

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