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Unveiling Mortar: Superior Japanese Technology for Comprehensive Pest Control

In the ever-evolving landscape of agriculture, where the battle against paddy pests is relentless, staying ahead in pest control is not just an option; it’s a necessity for maximizing crop yields. Enter Mortar – a groundbreaking solution formulated with cutting-edge Japanese technology specifically designed to combat paddy pests. Let’s delve into the marvel that Mortar is, exploring its unique features, benefits, and the superior NTX Mode of Action that sets it apart.

Mortar: The Japanese Technological Marvel

Mortar stands as a testament to innovation in pest control. Developed with an exclusive SG formulation, Mortar boasts a unique NTX mode of action, making it a formidable ally against a spectrum of pests, especially those plaguing paddy fields. This three-pronged approach—ovicidal, larvicidal, and adulticidal—ensures comprehensive control, tackling paddy pests at every stage of their life cycle.

NTX Mode of Action: Paralysis Precision

At the heart of Mortar’s efficacy lies its unique NTX mode of action. Mortar strategically targets the central nervous system of paddy pests, inducing paralysis and disrupting their life processes. This groundbreaking action is not only lethal but also prevents the development of resistance in pests commonly found in paddy fields. Mortar’s systemic, contact, and translaminar action ensures a thorough and lasting impact on the target pests.

Features & Benefits: Unveiling the Power of Mortar in Paddy Pest Control

Comprehensive Pest Control:

  • Mortar’s prowess extends across all stages of paddy pests – from eggs and larvae to adults. This comprehensive approach ensures that no aspect of the paddy pest life cycle is left unchecked, providing farmers with a holistic solution.

Triple Action Defense:

  • Mortar provides complete protection through its systemic, contact, and translaminar actions, creating a three-tier defense mechanism against paddy pests. This robust defense reinforces its efficiency, offering a shield that is both broad and effective in the challenging paddy field environment.

Resistance Management (IRM):

  • Mortar goes beyond just controlling paddy pests; it actively breaks insect resistance, crucial in the context of paddy fields. The Integrated Resistance Management (IRM) ensures sustained effectiveness, safeguarding paddy crops against the development of resistance in pest populations that commonly plague these fields.

Safe for Beneficial Insects:

  • Embracing the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Mortar is designed to be safe for beneficial insects in the paddy fields. This ensures a balanced ecosystem, where paddy pest control does not come at the expense of other essential components of the agricultural environment.

Compatibility with Commonly Used Chemicals:

  • Mortar seamlessly integrates with commonly used insecticides and fungicides in paddy fields, providing farmers with flexibility in their pest management strategies. This compatibility enhances its usability and effectiveness in diverse agricultural settings, especially tailored for paddy cultivation.

Yield Boost and Income Surge in Paddy Fields:

  • Beyond paddy pest control, Mortar has a significant positive impact on crop yields. Its role in promoting higher yield not only contributes to a bountiful paddy harvest but also translates into increased income for paddy farmers, addressing a critical aspect of agriculture.


In the dynamic world of agriculture, where the challenges are as diverse as the crops themselves, Mortar by Dhanuka emerges as the beacon of hope for paddy farmers. As a leading agritech brand, Dhanuka has consistently demonstrated its commitment to empowering farmers with innovative solutions, and Mortar is no exception.

Mortar’s fusion of superior Japanese technology with Dhanuka’s dedication to comprehensive pest control in paddy fields showcases a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Tailored for paddy crops, Mortar not only addresses the immediate concern of paddy pest control but also aligns with Dhanuka’s vision for sustainable agriculture.

As paddy farmers look toward a future of flourishing crops and increased income, Dhanuka stands by its promise to provide not just products but agricultural solutions that elevate farming practices. In the partnership between Mortar and Dhanuka, the fields are not just protected; they are nurtured for sustained prosperity.

In this era of transformative agricultural technology, Dhanuka remains at the forefront, cultivating a legacy of trust, innovation, and growth. As Mortar continues to make waves in the realm of paddy pest control, Dhanuka reaffirms its commitment to being the Agritech brand that farmers can rely on—a brand that doesn’t just keep pace with change but drives it, ensuring a future where agriculture thrives and farmers flourish.

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