What you should know if you are looking for Laptop Repair

Technology leads the present generation. We all humans are somehow directly or indirectly dependent on the new generation of technology. And the most used technology devices are mobiles, laptops, and computers. Which is used by most people in the world. Whether you are a student, a working person, or a householder. You surely have any of them.

We can’t imagine a single day without any of them, our work, studies, research, daily life problems, and others, all are related to these devices.  Among them, the laptop is one of the most important devices. It’s useful for studies and works as well as it’s less distractive rather than a mobile phone.

But as it is a technology device, it needs to be repaired. There are certain things like virus attacks, internal damage, screen damage, and many more things that can damage your device. That’s why it’s important to repair your device or take it for a checkup every 6-7 months.

There are so many options in the market to choose the shop that provides computer and laptop repair service. But there are a few things you need to know before taking it to the repair shop.

Especially, if you have just bought your first laptop or computer, and you are a beginner and unaware of these things, then this blog will help you to have some basic knowledge about laptops, computers, and repairing.

You can choose both online and offline repairing services for your device. Online shops like Friss are really good and trustable. They provide quality service and timely delivery. So you should give them a try.

Now let’s discuss the problems

Battery issues:  

the battery performance of a laptop or computer may last for 5 to 8 hours depending upon the quality and the usage. It may reduce a little over time with the usage. But if your laptop is not that old, or it’s losing the charge more quickly than it usually does, then it’s time to go to the repair shop. You might need a new battery, or you may have some internal issues. Sometimes the charger can be the main problem. The average lifespan of a laptop charger is 2 to 4 years depending upon its quality.

Unexpected on and off:

sudden on and off of your laptop can be a sign of a larger issue with your laptop. Sometimes, when your laptop is out of charge, it can happen. And it’s normal. But other than that, it can be a virus attack or some kind of internal damage. In that case, you need an emergency repair. Take it to the repair shop as quickly as you can. But before that, make sure to import your important documents on another device.

Runs slowly: 

if you are using your device for more than a year and using heavy software and suddenly you notice slow processing then you need a laptop repair service right now. Like other devices, a laptop also needs to be upgraded. In that case, you may need to expand your storage, upgrade the hard disk from HDD to SSD, or a software update. At Friss, they offer you the best for your laptops and computers at a reasonable price.


sometimes the keyboard starts to get problematic. Some of the keys stop working. There can be many reasons behind it. It can be dirt or the food you eat while working on your laptops. Some laptops have removable keys, if you have one, remove the keys and clean the inside with a soft cloth or cotton, otherwise, if you can’t remove it, don’t pressurize. Maybe your keyboard is not designed that way. Take it to the repair shop and solve your problem. And from next time, do not drink or eat while using your laptop. And if it’s important, then be careful. Because a device also needs care.

Screen problems: 

if the screen breaks accidentally, or there is a blur in the middle of your screen, or the screen is cracked, then you need to go to the repair shop. This problem Is one of the most common problems with the laptop. And this problem can’t be solved at home. It needs a professional to fix the issue.

Easily heated:

it’s common for laptops and computers to get hot after 2 to 3 hours of continuous usage. The problem starts when you use it just for a few minutes, and it’s already become hot. One of the common reasons can be the battery problem here. If the battery has issues, then after replacing the battery, it will get solved, but if not, then there must be some other bigger issues that can damage your device. During the problem, don’t use your laptop on your lap. maintain some distance. If the battery is removable easily, then you can check it on your own, rather it’s better to take it to a laptop repair service or computer repair service.


There are some other issues like virus attacks, noisy fans, or connectivity problems. However, it’s your responsibility to take care of the things you own, whether it’s tech devices or other things.

Hope these little tips will help you understand the common laptop problems and their solutions.