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Learning How to Find the Top Gynaecologists

There are several dimensions to finding a suitable doctor. While it is essential that your doctor is experienced, highly skilled, and widely recommended, it is also necessary that they are friendly and understand you well. This is especially true in case of gynaecologists, who generally deal with far more personal matters and should be trustworthy, willing to advice you without any judgment. Whether you are facing an emergency or just need a medical opinion, simply Google ‘gynaecologist near me& you’ll get a list of gynaecologists in your area however, this is not enough. Here are the following factors you must consider before choosing one:

  • Figure out your symptoms first – This is an essential first step because depending on this, you will seek out either a gynaecologist or an obstetrician, or a surgeon. For many cases it might not be so easy to comprehend your problems, and then a visit to a gynaecologist is necessary. In general however, while gynaecologists deal with a wide range of endocrinal disorders and medical problems, obstetricians are concerned with pregnancies and maternal care.
  • Look up the doctors near your area – For instance, if you are looking for the top gynaecologist in Gurgaon, you can start with online directories of renowned hospitals and clinics near you. Most of the websites contain comprehensive data on their separate departments and respective doctors and you can make an informed decision.
  • Read up reviews or doctor profiles – This is a handy tip if you are looking for firsthand reports from previous patients. The profiles available online will help you to choose a doctor based on their area of specialization (such as surgical procedures, or high risk pregnancies, endometriosis and PCOS, among others) and your personal need.

Why should you go to only the best gynaecologists?

The female endocrinal and reproductive systems are highly complex and interrelated with other factors. However, sadly we tend to take note of problems only when they spring up and by then we are probably only left with the option of surgery or medication. It is necessary to go for regular checkups to the gynaecologist, just as it is with a dentist or the ophthalmologist. Consult only the top gynaecologists in Gurgaon in order to not just cure your medical problems, but to actively prevent them from springing up.

What can you expect in course of your diagnosis and treatment?

Naturally, lines of treatment will differ according to your diagnosis and the severity of your problem. The following are a few tests and procedures that are generally followed by doctors in order to diagnose the root cause of your issue& these may vary from:

  • Blood tests – Any doctor you visit is likely to request for your blood test reports before giving their diagnosis. This will involve a complete blood count, tests for thyroid stimulating hormone, gonadotropin, and other hormonal tests that may be necessary for your condition. For surgeries such as hysterectomies or laparoscopy you might also be asked to get an additional anesthesiology test.
  • Ultrasound – A sonogram is by and large needed in case of regular hormonal disorders as well as pregnancies, outgrowths, or any internal abnormalities. You may be asked to do a transvaginal or pelvic ultrasound, or one of your entire lower abdominal regions.
  • Pap smears – This procedure is needed only in very specific cases depending on symptoms, and you will be guided by your doctor as such.
  • Physical examination – This is generally not necessary except in physical or visible problems. However this might be recommended by your doctor to get a visual confirmation in order to provide the correct diagnosis.

Above all, in complicated cases such as pregnancies involving diabetes, outgrowths, heart or kidney diseases, and previous histories of miscarriages it is imperative to consult only the top gynaecologist near you. In case of changing your current doctor and seeking a second or third opinion and having to recap your medical history for them at an advanced stage, it is absolutely necessary to do your research well and then take the decision.

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