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LED Light Bulbs for Trucks

This Shatters Expectations for LED Light Bulbs for Trucks

Everyone expects LED light bulbs for trucks to be a game changer that saves money and lasts forever. Many also expect LEDs to be brighter and offer higher overall performance as well. Provided that you find the right equipment all of these things may prove to be true.

However, others with more experience might also have come across problems with poor compatibility, confusing wiring, or lights that flicker or don’t light up properly. Lucky for you (and them) many of these and other common problems can be solved with some wisely chosen LED light bulbs for trucks.

As a quick example, consider the 921 XPR LED Bulbs that Diode Dynamics recently released. These will solve many of the common issues faced with replacement LED light bulbs for trucks while offering the performance many hope to see from LED lights.

The 921 XPR bulb is available in a number of colors and is a direct replacement bulb for factory 921 incandescent bulbs. This makes it ideal not only for some brake light replacements but also for cargo light replacements and some backup lights as well. For a full listing of what lights they can replace, please visit the page for 921 XPR Red 3rd Brake Light LED Bulbs as an example. Compatibility is listed right there.

As a replacement for the factory bulbs, there’s little more you could expect from these lights. They offer plug and play replacement, which means you don’t need to make any modifications to your current electrical infrastructure or do any wiring. They plug right into the old sockets and also contain an inductive constant-current drive circuit to prevent flickering, flashing and other similar issues. 

What really makes these replacement LED bulbs shine is that they represent a significant improvement in light output over the factory bulbs. They have 4 super bright LEDs on all sides, for excellent multi-directional lighting, for a combined output of 60 lumens (320 lumens initial). This is far brighter than the factory incandescents.

Since they’re housed in an aluminum casing and are made from other high quality components, you can expect bulbs like these to last for years. In fact, they’re designed to do so and might even outlast the vehicle into which you install them. LEDs last for a long time as it is, but these are highlights of durability, even among them.

Additionally, and on the same topic, Diode Dynamics is firmly committed to customer satisfaction. These LED light bulbs, like their other products, come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. In this case, that includes a 3 year warranty and a policy by which you can return them within 30 days if you are unhappy – with no restocking fee.

For more than ten years, Diode Dynamics has been an industry leader in automotive lighting technology, and the undisputed authority on automotive LED lighting in specific. To learn more about their products or to get in touch with them, visit, or call them at 314-205-3033.

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