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Luxury Kosher Vacation in Dubai

After the signing of an agreement between Israel and UAE, many hotels and restaurants have started offering a kosher meal. The Armani hotel situated in the shadow of Burj Khalifa has established the first kosher kitchen in Dubai. This kosher kitchen is established to offer a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience to Israeli travelers in Dubai.

Whether you are traveling to Dubai to celebrate Passover or for business purposes, you can easily get access to kosher food. You should plan your Passover celebration in UAE because you have a wide range of options for restaurants and hotels to get Kosher in Dubai. It is recommended that you should contact the Pesach program 2021 operators. If you will contact them, you will easily get notified when the registrations are going to open for the first kosher travel to Dubai. Here, in this blog post, we are going to share some tips and tricks for a luxury kosher vacation in Dubai:

1. Bring Your Kosher Utensils  

Your hotel may serve you a kosher meal, but you should consider carrying your own kosher utensils. You should bring a small saucepan, some camping cutlery, a knife, and Tupperware. You should not take too much with you. Your backpack will have limited space and you should carry only important things with you. If you are planning to stay at far off place where it is difficult to get a kosher meal then you can prepare your own meal.

2. Expect a Lot Of Raw food

You should carry fruits that can be eaten raw. Also, you should carry various other raw items so that you can prepare your own kosher meal. Well, you can also buy raw things from the nearby market. You should carry only those raw items that are difficult to find in the local market of the tourist spot.

3. Stay In Luxury Hotels

As we have already mentioned that there are various luxury hotels in commercial lawyers Dubai that have started offering a kosher meal to their guests, therefore, you can choose to stay at these hotels. You should make a list of hotels that have started offering a kosher meal to their guests. You should call them personally to get more details.

4. Plan Trip Near Shabbat

You should do in-depth research and find out the right place to stay for Shabbat. You should search for a nice destination with beautiful views. You can take the help of Passover Program operators for searching for the best place for Shabbat.

5. Carry Shabbat Kit With

You should carry all the essential items for Shabbat with you. It is recommended that you should carry a large zip lock bag with you and put inside a matchbox, tea lights, a box of matzah cracker, etc. If you are traveling with the Passover program operators, then you do not need to worry about these things. They will make various arrangements in advance.

6. Small Things Make Shabbat Feel Like Shabbat

You should carry some instant food with you that will make Shabbat feel like Shabbat. You should carry matzah ball mix, instant rice pilaf, and soup cubes. Also, you should consider carrying some disposable table cloth. Well, you do not need all these things if you are staying in a luxury hotel where kosher facilities are available. But, if you are planning to stay away from the city where the kosher facility is sparse then you should consider carrying these instant food items with you.

7. Learn The Halachot Of Kashrut

If you know about your kashrut halachot then you can widen-up your eating options. You should ask the local rabbi for the availability of fish in nearby regions. If you can make it possible to include fish in Shabbat then you can make it nicer.

8. Prepare a Kiddush Hashem

While you are traveling, it is sure that you will meet some who have never met any Jewish person. You should show them how beautiful is to see a Jew serving Hashem.

Final Words

You should consider the above-mentioned tips and tricks to ensure memorable and luxury kosher travel. Dubai is becoming the hottest destination for Passover celebrations by Jewish people. If you want to make this upcoming Passover memorable and enjoyable for you then book your place for Dubai kosher travel. Make sure that you book your seat in advance because there is a heavy rush as many people are booking their seats.

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