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Microsoft 365 enterprise includes three plans- E1, E3 and E5. All these plans offer different features and functions at different prices among which, E1 is the lightest version of the Microsoft 365 enterprise family. Here is a comparison table between E1, E3 and E5:

   Microsoft 365 enterprise Security
   E1Multi-factor authentication Exchange online protection
   E3Data loss prevention Multi factor authentication Exchange online protection
   E5Cloud app security Privileged Access Management Communication compliance Microsoft Defender Apply sensitivity labels. Data loss prevention Multi factor authentication Exchange online protection

Microsoft 365 E5 primarily offers three tier properties:

1.    SECURITY- it prevents threats from causing serious damage with its automated security feature.

2.    COMPLIANCE- it can minimize risks and fulfill organizational compliance requisites.

3.    ANALYTICS- it has Power BI that analyzes data to derive insights.


Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory is an in-built feature of Microsoft 365 family. It is basically an identity and access management (IAM) provider. It also allows customers a single sign-on (SSO) facility. It protects user’s accounts with multi-layered authentication. Azure Active Directory offers two plans that come with Premium P1 plan and a Premium P2 plan. The Premium P2 plan carries an Identity Protection feature. This Identity Protection ability works by detecting vulnerabilities and responding to suspicious activities. It makes sure whether these responses match with the security standards or not.

Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender provides numerous security options such as Email filtering and Investigation. Email filtering is a cloud-based filtering solution that protects email and collaborative tools from various threats like malware attacks, hacking and phishing. Microsoft Defender does so much more than just protection against cyberthreats. It can also do threat hunting, investigation, identification along with responding to threats.

Insider Risk Management

Microsoft 365 E5 can reduce internal risks with its Insider Risk Management feature. Insider Risk Management detects, investigates, and retaliates against malicious actions. Insider Risk Management not only detects risks but also takes action on cases and escalating cases to Microsoft eDiscovery whenever needed. 

Built in non-Microsoft connectors.

Microsoft 365 E5 allows customers to use data connectors by which they can import data from a third party that’s also non-Microsoft, for example from any social media platform, messaging platforms, or document collaboration platform and import the data to the Microsoft 365 mailbox. After the data has been imported and archived users can also apply Microsoft Purview solutions. This will make sure that the non-Microsoft data is in compliance with your organization’s standards.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

The E5 plan of the Microsoft 365 enterprise plan has Microsoft Defender for Endpoint features that can prevent, investigate, and act on sophisticated threats. It has behavioral sensors that can collect behavioral signals. Microsoft Defender for Endpoint has a threat intelligence solution. Threat intelligence recognizes the attacker’s threat techniques and tools and then alerts the system whenever it notices attacking indicators in the collected sensor data.

Microsoft Defender for Identity

E5 uses Microsoft Defender for Identity that investigates harmful insider actions, compromised identities as well as sophisticated threats with the help of on-premises AD signals. It basically detects identity-based attacks. It analyses behaviors of users with the help of upgraded machine learning analytics. It recognizes and understands the cyberattack kill chain and responds to it rapidly.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

E5 of the Microsoft 365 enterprise family carries Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps that offers cloud access security broker (CASB). CASB offers advanced visibility and control on data travel. It provides advanced analytics to detect threats from both Microsoft as well as third party clouds.


Microsoft 365 enterprise offers a holistic approach to ensure overall security with- threat protection, identity and access management, information protection and security management.

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