MEAN Stack Developer job description

With digital enterprise adding multi-fold, the software development arena is moving towards a full-stack development trend, and one big name in these technologies is the MEAN stack development. The need of the hour is presto, effective, and dynamic websites and apps. With so numerous technologies floating around, it’s a tough call to center down to a single option.

At such a time, the MEAN stack has been the rearmost slang, and MEAN stack inventors are veritably much in demand. Utmost assiduity parts like energy and serviceability, retail and FMCG, real estate, shipping, logistics, etc., have been using the eventuality of this critical technology. 

MEAN Stack Developers Who They Are?

MEAN stack developers are JavaScript-grounded developers who have gained moxie in the four technologies that comprise the MEAN stack – MongoDB (NoSQL database that stores documents and collections in JSON format), ExpressJS (flexible garçon frame for creating web operations), AngularJS (frontend JS frame maintained by Google) and NodeJS (backend JS terrain for garçon- side operations).

MEAN stack developers work on the frontend as well as the backend. They’re operation developers who work on features and modules for the frontend and backend, integrating APIs and forming their work structure around ultra modern-day development approaches like DevOps and Nimble.

MEAN stack developer amenabilities

Here are the different MEAN stack inventor liabilities that the inventors need to shoulder for producing the most satisfactory possible result: 

  • Develop, test, and emplace fast and scalable web apps. 
  • Designing and conservation of completely functional large relational and non-relational databases.
  • Timely development of web apps on the cloud. 
  • Server management and cloud-grounded structure.
  • Establishment and integration of development tools as needed.
  • Identification of operation issues when planting the apps.
  • App deployment on the cloud, along with working debugging issues.
  • Coding armature for frontend and backend.
  • Structure interactive consumer data.
  • Collaboration with IT platoon, experimenters, and contrivers for designing robust apps and encouraging business pretensions.
  • Testing operations and fixing bugs, along with security and data protection features.
  • Establish code armature opinions for supporting scalability and good performance.
  • Makes use of popular front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, LESS, etc., and design UI factors.
  • Participation with inventors for the creation of scalable Peaceful APIs.
  • Conducting code reviews of peer inventors.

MEAN Stack Developer Skills

As a MEAN stack developer, the following are the introductory specialized and soft skills that are necessary to showcase their mettle:

Technical skills:

  • Moxie and experience in the four leading technologies – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS
  • Knowledge of HTML/ CSS, jQuery, PHP, Java, Python, OOPS, Symfony, UI/ UX design, AWS, Git, design frame, web services, JSON, AJAX, cryptography, and security, frontend CSS fabrics like Bootstrap, etc.
  • Experience in operation armature, garçon operation, cross-browser comity, responsive design, and website performance
  • Understanding of DB armature design and programming templates, Nimble methodologies, customer-side, and garçon- side procedures
  • Familiarity with package director-npm
  • Garçon operation skills

Soft Skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Critical thinking and time operation
  • Good platoon players and capability to lead a platoon of inventors
  • Strong problem- working and logical skills
  • Collaboration skills to support business pretensions
  • Capability for individual donation

On An Ending Note

The MEAN family of technologies is a vastly popular and stoner-friendly interface to produce dynamic operations and websites. It helps your figure out a simplistic, flexible, and open-source result that can be most economic. No wonder MEAN stack developers are essential in demand and can continue to do so. Hiring a MEAN stack developer is on a high and will remain so for the near future.

It has its own set of challenges, but with perfection and detailed knowledge, it’s easy to garner mastery over the MEAN stack and, thereby, come up with a range of results. Taking guidance from an educated IT mate would surely help serve the finest of services – getting flexible and dynamic apps developed by educated MEAN developers.

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