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Naira Rasool Physiotherapist

People suffer pains and aches for many reasons, such as an accident, post-operation illness, disease or disorder, poor posture, or general bad habits. The inability to move freely, chronic or muscular pain, and not being able to live normally disturb the way of life. It is a fact that medicines help relieve body pains, but their side effects are more than benefits in the long term. Here comes the drug-free way, which is physiotherapy.

It is the best solution and a medicine-free way to deal with many physical problems people face. Back to Hippocrates, massages with oil have been used to cure pain. Until then, people have used plenty of cutting-edge techniques to treat abnormalities in body functions, calling it Physiotherapy. Many expert physiotherapists like Naira Rasool provides such kind physiotherapy services to their patients in the UK.

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It will help you to improve the affected organ’s healing process and functionality. Physiotherapy is used to treat several kinds of diseases, such as arthritis, strains, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, joint replacements, and hundreds of others. It also applies rehabilitative, pre and post-surgery techniques to prepare patients mentally and help them to recover faster. A highly qualified and trained physiotherapist is the need by people to live a pain-free and relaxed life. You can easily find the best physiotherapists in the UK, especially when it comes to females; you’ll hear about Naira Rasool UK physiotherapists. She is well known for her experience and knowledge in dealing with different postures and pains. Physiotherapy applies tailored treatments to each patient and makes everyday movement easier. There are many types of physiotherapy treatments, such as; Pediatric Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal, Female Health, Geriatric Physiotherapy, Neurological Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, and Pain Management, Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation, and Sports Physiotherapy.

Naira Rasool, UK, Knee Physiotherapist

Her specialty lies in back and shoulder therapy, mainly;

  • Clavicle – the collarbone
  • Humerus – the upper-arm bone
  • Scapula – the shoulder blade

These parts are connected by tendons, muscles, and ligaments and help us do everyday tasks easily. We often think of shoulder pain as something that will get better on its own and try different ways to treat shoulder pain at home, such as ice packs, oil massages, heat therapy, painkillers, and rest. It is necessary to take proper care of your shoulder pain and always visit your doctor if it is not improving. Next time you are in pain, do visit the Naira Rasool physio clinic.

Physiotherapy or physical treatment is for people of all ages. It has a good impact on overall health and promotes a better and pain-free lifestyle.

Is Physio Good For Back Pain?

Physiotherapy is one of the common treatments used for gaining relief from back pain. It can be used in both modes, as a single treatment or combined with other therapies such as heat, traction, massage, short-wave diathermy, or ultrasound.

IMAGE A strong physiotherapy-based rehabilitation program is necessary to deal with a highly complex human back system. It has several elements, including facet joints, vertebrae, ligaments, discs, and muscles. When you visit the physiotherapist, he will examine the condition and recommend the treatment accordingly. And the best physiotherapist will indeed explain how the suggested treatment will help your back pain.