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5 Signs That Undergoing Drug & Alcohol Treatment Overseas is Right For You

You’ve reached a crossroads in your life, and that means choosing a direction. You can choose to continue along the same path and watch the rest of your life crumble, or you can make some changes that help you recapture much of what was lost. Assuming you opt for the latter, do think about seeking some sort of drug & alcohol treatment overseas rather than entering a domestic program. If you need incentive, here are a few signs that indicate an international rehab location would be good for you. 

Only a Few People Realize That You Have a Problem

At this juncture, you’ve done an excellent job of hiding your condition from many of the people in your life. That includes an employer, many of your friends, and even most family members. While you will eventually need to have a talk with many of them, it doesn’t necessarily have to take place before your rehab. 

Given that only a few are aware of what’s happening, why not work to keep it that way? Going with an overseas location for your treatment increases the odds of keeping things private for a little while longer. That translates into one more thing that is off your mind while undergoing the rehab treatments. It also buys more time for you to decide what to say when you get back home and who you will tell. 

You Have the Vacation Time

The amount of personal days, vacation time, and even medical leave that you have built up at work is significant. That’s good news since it means you don’t have to worry about running out of income before completing a program. With that in mind, it makes sense to look for a comprehensive rehab program that will address every aspect of your situation. There are many in-patient overseas programs that will provide the approach that you need. Make the most of the resources at your disposal and find out what it would take to enter one of those international programs. 

Treatments Offered Elsewhere Sometimes Have a Higher Success Rate

Don’t assume that programs offered domestically are the only possible solutions. There are a number of different approaches used around the world. One or more of them may be the right combination for you. 

This is especially true if you have a dual diagnosis. In other words, if you’re facing rehab for the use of a drug as well as alcohol, the approach used by one of those overseas rehab centers may prove more effective that anything you can find closer to home. Use your diagnosis as the starting point to evaluating the merits of a program and it won’t take long to identify the one that has the most potential for success. 

The Value of Being Far Removed From What You Know

There’s another sign that you would be better off looking for a rehab program located far away from home. If you go with something that’s in your home country, even one that happens to be located on the other side of the nation, you’re still in somewhat familiar surroundings. The potential to fall back into old habits could be greater. By contrast, if you’re in another nation where you are less familiar with how things are done, you’re more likely to stick closer to the rehab center. See this move as a way to keep the temptation at bay. 

The Change of Venue Could Be Therapeutic

Depending on where you end up seeking rehab, the venue itself could function as a pleasant distraction. Perhaps you come from an area that’s far inland or found near sandy beaches. Choosing a rehab center that provides you with a view of mountains topped with snow could help bring some peace to your mind. The change can be relaxing and invigorating at the same time. That one factor could be what you need to keep moving forward, even on days when you want to give up. 

You’ve already made the decision that you don’t want things to remain the same. How you go about making a change is up to you. Consider the option of overseas rehab carefully. The right program improves the odds of replacing old habits with new ones and having a real shot of getting your life back on track. 

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