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5 Timeless Pendant Styles to Spice Up Your Daily Summer Look 

Pendants are powerful jewelry to enhance your everyday look. They are those statement pieces that add a touch of sophistication and sparkle to any outfit enhancing your look from ordinary to extraordinary. If you are looking for the same then explore the top 5 timeless pendant styles and choose your best design. 

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Top 5 timeless pendant styles that’s on trend

As we know pendants come in a broad variety of shapes, sizes and materials featuring gemstones, pearls or some initial, it’s difficult to find the perfect one. However, we got you covered as will explore and dive into the top 5 timeless pendant styles that will go with your everyday summer look:

1) The Minimalist Pendant:
For women who are not fond of heavy bulky jewelry, a minimalist elegant pendant is just like your best friend. Just imagine a delicate pendant which is adorned with a single dazzling gemstone or with a small geometric shape or even with your simple initial, it’s so admirable right. These beautiful pendants add an extra grace to your outfit and the best part is they are so lightweight and easy to handle pendants. You can style your minimalist pendant with a crisp white crop top or shirt and fitted trousers for a simple office look.

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2) The Birthstone Pendant:
These birthstone pendants are so trendy these days as they provide a sense of identity to an individual. You can customize these pendants with any material you want to such as the gold plated pendant that will add a sense of individuality to your look. You can style this pendant with a crop top and denim jeans for your everyday classy look. Also, if you are in search of gold plated customized pendant do check out Mizoya for more details. 

3) The Layered Pendant:
Are you someone who loves bold looks and searching for a bold sassy look then worry not, a layered pendant is your piece that will resemble your love. In wish to celebrate your love, you can opt for a double heart silver pendant for women that will match your style and outfit. This layered pendant goes well with A-line or a sundress and leaves a luxury touch to your look.

4) The Statement Pendant

A statement pendant will help you embrace your inner fashionista!  Bold geometric shapes, chunky chain links, or pendants adorned with statement gemstones – the possibilities are limitless.  These eye-catching pieces are ideal for adding spice to an otherwise simple outfit.

5) The Locket Style Pendant
Do you wish to celebrate your love? Then these super classic and evergreen locket pendants are waiting for you. Your most treasured memories can be preserved in these locket pendants. So, why are you still waiting? Check out the immense collection of Mizoya and buy pendants online. You can style this beautiful pendant in a red flared gown on your special day. 


These are the five must-have timeless pendant sets that will add an extra touch to your personality, and outfit and of course, will cheer up your mood. Pendants are considered to be the best ornament that add a touch of simplicity to the everyday look. Remember, whether you are searching for a classic or customized pendant, Mizoya’s curated collection has something for everyone.