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Rebuild Master Database in SQL Server 2012 Step by step

Are you searching for a quick and reliable solution to rebuild master database in SQL Server 2012 step by step? If the answer is yes, then continue reading the upcoming segment of this article. Here, we covered the most prominent solutions on How to restore master database SQL Server 2012 – effortlessly. 

MDF stands for master database file or primary database file. The primary database file (MDF) holds the schema of your database table along with the database itself like – rows and columns. This includes information like  text, number and date. It is basically used for storing and managing data in SQL Server. 

There are instances where users need to rebuild a master database in SQL Server. But they may not know the correct technique. Worry not! In this guide, we will provide you with a step by step guideline on how to restore the master database SQL Server 2012. 

Before we begin with the solution, let’s first discuss the potential causes that lead to this issue.

Reasons Behind Corrupted Master Database Files 

There are various factors that can result in corruption of the master database file. Some of the most frequent causes are below mentioned: 

  1. Hardware or Software malfunctions
  2. Malware Attack
  3. Master Database File Corruption
  4. Sudden Power Surge
  5. Unstable Power supply

Now that you are familiar with the potential causes that rogers for SQL Server master database file corruption. Let’s dive into a dependable and effective solution for rebuilding master db SQL Server.

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Rebuild Master Database in SQL Server 2012 step by step : Methods 

There are numerous techniques exist online to restore the master database SQL Server 2012. However, their reliability is uncertain. Wor not! We have outlined two best and effective methods to address this problem: 

  1. Manual Solution 
  2. Expert Solution 

Lets begin with the manual approach for rebuilding the SQL Server master database file. 

Method 1 : Restore Master Database SQL Server 2012 With Backup – Manually 

If the master database file is damaged or corrupt or if you have a backup available, you can recover your database from it. It is essential to make sure that the backup database matches the same version of SQL Server as the corrupted one. 

Follow the below mentioned steps carefully to Rebuild master database in SQL Server 2012 step by step

a) Retrieve the database backup from a different instance. 

b) Navigate to the “Database” section and choose an alternative anime such as – recover_master for the databases. This step will help you to avoid any conflicts with existing database names. Rename the MDF file torecover_master.mdf and LDF file as recover_master_1.ldf.

c) Now, detach the newly created “recover_master” database to progress toward rebuilding the SQL Server master database smoothly. 

d) Go to the file system and copy the database files recover_master.mdf and recover_master_1.ldf to the damaged or corrupt database instance. Remove the damaged MDF and LDF files. Rename the backup file (recover_master.mdf and recover_master_1.ldf) as master.mdf and mastlog.ldf.

e) Restart SQL Server and check if the issue has been resolved or not. 

Method 2 : Rebuild Master DB SQL Server by Rebuking Database 

If users do not have their master database backup, they won’t be able to recover it. In these seniors, the solution is to rebuild or restore master database SQL Server 2012 using the following command.


Method 3 : Professional Solution to Rebuild Master Database in SQL Server 2012 Step by step 

The above mentioned manual worksounds can work but not guarantee the repair and recovery of the corrupted master database in SQL Server. Although, there is a chance of data loss when using manual solutions. Therefore, we recommend trying the  SysTools SQL Recovery Tool . It stands out as the most reliable and trusted application for repairing and recovering a corrupted master database in SQL Server. 

Additionally, this tool is compatible with all the SQL Server versions including 2922, 2019, 2017, 2016 and earlier versions. It offers two scan modes options: Quick and Advance. The quick mode is suitable for minor corruption issues while the advanced mode is for highly corrupted master database files. Additionally, the users can easily preview the database objects like – tables, triggers, functions, stored procedure, views , etc. 

Step by step provide to Master database rebuild in SQL Server 2012 –

  1. Download and run the tool on your PC and click on the “open” button to add the MDF file.
  2. After that, select the scan mode based on your corruption issue and choose the SQL Server version. Make sure to check the recovered deleted objects dialogue box to recover all the deleted databases in SQL Server. 
  3. Now, preview the database files and hit the  “export” button.
  4. Then, set the destination location to continue the process 
  5. At last, select the option “with only schema” or “schema and data” and click on the save button to rebuild master db SQL Server. 

Concluding Words 

In this blog, we discuss how to rebuild master database in SQL Server 2012 step by step.. As we know, master database corruption is a highly frustrating situation for any database administrator or user. For that, we have outlined two solutions-  one is a manual solution and the other one is a professional solution. 

However, the manual solution is free of cost but it does come with some limitations like- it may consume a significant amount of time and energy, and it requires a deep understanding of SQL Server databases. So, if you have enough time and technical knowledge, manual solutions are an option for you. Otherwise, users can opt for the professional solution, which is a 100%  safe and secure method to handle this task.