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Software development for drone control

Drones are one of the most used devices today, the advantages present thanks to this equipment are increasing, whether for border control, information work, agricultural cultivation, etc., the uses that are given to them are varied. usual. The custom software development services for drone control is a booming market that is becoming more and more positioned.

Continue reading because below we will explain everything that has to do with the technology applied to drone control.

What are drone control applications?

There are different SKDs that developers can use to create applications for controlling drones, as well as applications that allow them to be controlled from a smartphone. These apps send radio signals to control the drone.

Likewise, SKDs allow users to control the drone from any system connected to the aircraft’s autopilot through an interface available as standard. There are even APIs available that allow the custom software development company to create an algorithm which helps to control the drone using any type of programming language and for different operating systems .

The development of gift control software allows access to functions such as:

Control of any flight element: from takeoff, landing and any route followed by the drone.

Access to data en route: The user can access all the data accumulated by the drone, as well as system information in real time. Data on altitude, speed, information on the point of origin and destination, even possible errors on the route.

Real-time transmission of all information: It allows the transmission of and secure communication between the drone and the mobile device with which the movement of the unmanned vehicle is controlled.

Drone control software features:

  • Reliable communication, since it has a protocol to avoid data loss.
  • Flexible control system, different flight control methods.
  • Configurable data monitoring, allows you to obtain flight data in a personalized way.

The creation of this type of software allows you to connect with the drone from the ground and depending on your system, they can even work for both iOS and Android devices.

Benefits of software development for drone control

  • Unmanned vehicles reduce operating expenses and also increase workflow efficiency.
  • Drone technology can replace people in dangerous tasks.
  • Drone hardware includes several sensors that allow these teams to capture data with greater precision.
  • Better data derived from quality images.

Most popular SKD and API options

  • DroneKit
  • DJI Developer
  • Parrot

Main features of drone applications

Intuitive UI/UX Design:

It is important to make clear the functions available in the application as well as how to use them; a fluid and easy-to-understand design will allow users to navigate easily.


This is one of the most important issues when it comes to filming things. Therefore the user must be assured that their data and recorded content are safe.

Drone simulator:

With this function the user will be able to learn how to drive the vehicle, which will help provide a more fluid experience.

Camera control and flight data recording:

It is important that the drone can collect high-quality data. In addition, providing sufficient data storage.

Map and navigation:

one of the crucial features in this system, this way you will be able to create flight routes.

Time prediction:

This is a key feature and can be done through an API. It will help users whether or not it is worth flying the drone.

Payment gateway:

At this point it is important to ensure compatibility with different operating systems.