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Redensyl Vs. Minoxidil – Which Is Better?

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As science progresses, the hair care industry has come up with countless products to combat your hair problems. Among the most popular are Redensyl and Minoxidil, both known to be very beneficial in treating hair problems. Redensyl is a cosmetic hair serum used as an alternative to surgical hair transplant, and Minoxidil is a form of medication, usually used in oral tablet form.

While both have been scientifically proven to be very effective, debates around which one is the better option resurface pretty often. Here are a few Redensyl vs Minoxidil pros and cons to consider while deciding which one’s better:



  • Prevents Hair Damage: Since Redensyl is exceptionally well equipped in helping with the growth of healthier hair, its natural ingredients, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties also prevent and cure any existing hair damage, brittle hair, split ends, scalp irritation, etc.
  • Better Results Than Hair Transplant Surgery: With the help of an organically extracted compound called dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG), Redensyl targets hair follicles and helps the division of cells, leading to hair growth. Using Redensyl for 84 days is known to give better results than hair transplant surgery and has excellent reviews.
  • Has No Side Effects: As Redensyl is an entirely plant-based serum processed by biotechnology, you will hardly experience any harmful side effects.


  • Higher Prices: Owing to the many benefits and upsides of Redensyl, the serum is sold at higher prices when compared to many other hair loss medications.



  • Cures Pattern Baldness: The primary purpose of Minoxidil is pattern baldness, both premature and age-induced. It does this by enlarging your hair follicles and encouraging them to take up more space, offering more coverage at hair growth.
  • Cheaper Prices: You can buy Minoxidil at any pharmacy store in India at pretty low prices, especially when compared to Redensyl.
  • Easy To Use: Minoxidil is typically used twice a day, and all you need to do is ensure your hands are clean when you apply it. Using Minoxidil is very easy, and you can easily see results.


  • Not A Permanent Solution: Minoxidil is not a type of medication that can provide you with a permanent solution. If you wish to see permanent changes, you will have to use them forever. Once stopped, many have observed their hair loss patterns getting worse again within just 2-3 months.
  • Slow Results: Minoxidil will take upto six months to give you any noticeable results and upto one year of continuous usage for any final results.
  • Has Multiple Side Effects: Users of Minoxidil have reported many side effects to its usage like swelling, redness, irritation, acne, facial hair growth, etc. While these may be temporary and not particularly harmful, they can be uncomfortable to handle.

Considering all the listed points, Redensyl works as the best hair loss solution. However, remember only to use it if your hair loss seems to be getting out of control. You can research more about how this serum works on your scalp from Traya and use it safely!

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