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Seafood Lover’s Paradise: Indulge in the 4 Must-Try Seafood Delights in Goa

Goa, the coastal paradise, is loved for more than its scenic beaches and vibrant nightlife. It is a heaven for all sea food lovers who can savour a variety of tasty seafood delights. If you are a foodie craving for delicious seafood, here you will find a variety of fresh and flavourful seafood dishes that will tantalise your taste buds. From spicy curries to delectable grilled delicacies, there is something for everyone. 

Read on to know the 4 must try seafood dishes in Goa that contain the essence of Goan flavours. 

1- Goan Fish Curry – A Staple Dish: 

Let’s start with the famous Goan fish curry. It is a staple in Goan households and is a delightful combination of flavours. Prepared using a tangy tamarind base and a blend of spices, this curry is simmered with fresh fish such as pomfret, kingfish or mackerel. The result is a delicious curry that is rich, spicy and incredibly flavourful. The secret to this dish lies in its masala which is a blend of spices that is the heart and soul of this dish. It is made by grinding a variety of spices like red chillies, coriander seeds, turmeric, cumin and garlic together. The fish is then marinated in this masala for a few hours before being cooked. This allows all the flavours to penetrate the flesh. Mostly served with steamed rice, you can have it at any of the best fish restaurants in Goa. The delicious taste will surely transport you to seafood heaven.

2-Prawn Balchao – A Spicy and Tangy Goan Delicacy: 

If you love spicy food, this is one dish that you cannot afford to miss. ‘Balichao’ is a Portuguese word which means pickled and this dish is a fiery and tangy delight that is worth trying. It is prepared by marinating prawns in a mixture of spices, vinegar and sugar. Prawns are then cooked with onions, tomatoes and a generous amount of red chilies which result in a flavourful dish called ‘Prawn Balchao’. The tanginess of the vinegar, sweetness of sugar and heat from the red chilies results in a perfect balance of flavours that will leave you craving for more. It is usually enjoyed with pav (Goan bread) and is a must try for all tourists in Goa.

3- Grilled Fish at Beach Shacks – A Popular Choice Among Tourists: 

A visit to a beach shack is something that every tourist does when exploring the tropical paradise. The pretty little huts offer a relaxed and casual dining experience, with the scent of the air and sound of the sea waves in the background. While spending quality time on the beach shacks, grilled fish is one thing that all tourists love to savour. Marinated with a blend of spices, lemon juice and oil, and then grilled to perfection, this dish tastes absolutely yum. The smoky and succulent pieces of fish are usually served with a side of salad and a squeeze of lemon. Have it at any of the famous seafood restaurants in Goa like Corta’s at The LaLiT Golf and Spa Resort, and you are sure to have a great experience.

4- Lobster Thermidor – A Decadent and Indulgent Seafood Dish: 

If you are looking for a truly decadent seafood dish, there could be nothing better than lobster thermido. Made with fresh lobster, this French-inspired dish is first poached and then prepared with a rich and creamy sauce. To prepare the curry, onions, mushrooms, white wine and cheese is used.  It is topped with a breadcrumb crust before being baked to perfection. The combination of soft lobster meat, creamy sauce and crispy breadcrumbs at the top creates a unique texture and taste that is simply divine. It is perfect for special occasions or when you want to treat yourself with something truly indulgent.

Now that you know about the must-try seafood delights that will take your taste buds on a flavourful journey, do savour them on your next trip to Goa and you are sure to have an unforgettable dining experience.