When you build a home, you make sure that the foundation of the property must be strong. But, are you aware that a minimum slab leak can damage the foundation of your beautiful home? A slab leak occurs while the pipes under the foundation begin to leak. While leaks can seem small & insignificant before everything, they could result in big harm and pricey repairs.

There is a large range of water and sewage pipes laid under the foundation of a home. Those pipes hook up with your nearby municipality’s water supply traces & sewage system. Even the pipes in the slab foundation on private home are designed to supply water in your fixtures without a problem, they can begin to corrode and crack as the property will become older. As soon as a pipe on your slab basis is damaged, it becomes almost impossible to detect the symptoms of a water leak. To solve the problem either you can look for Slab Leak Repair Near Me or the following ways will help you.

First, understand the causes of a slab leak and then some ways to fix it. For more information about the professional to help you, visit this website.

7 causes of a slab leak

1). Outside pressure

Water pressure isn’t the most effective type of stress that could lead to a slab leak. Some outside forces can also cause damage such as soil erosion and earthquake. If the soil shifts underneath your foundation, it could place strain on the pipes.

Slab leaks from this type of strain tend to be massive and potentially negative. If left unchecked for a long time, this type of slab leak can cause much loss.

2). Abrasion

Abrasion is another cause of slab leaks. Regular rubbing of pipes rub in opposition to concrete, gravel, different substances, or other close pipes, the constant friction can lead to the end spring leaks.

Besides, warm water pipes are at a better hazard of abrasion.

3). Time

Time is the most common reason for a slab leak. With time, everything loses its charm. And your home’s sewage system also gets weak with time. It’s important to keep an eye on your sewage pipes and other symptoms of a slab leak. Timely maintenance can help in the same problem.

4). Copper pipes

The most susceptible properties to a slab leak are older homes.

 Most of them were constructed with copper pipes. Copper pipes can be easily damaged by salty water or high pressure. Thus, copper pipes are also a reason for the slab leak.

Search for Slab Leak Repair Near Me for the repair of the damage and smooth day-to-day operations.

5). Inadequate construction

The most often cause of a slab leak is its improper setup. If your water pipes were kinked, bent, or dented in any way during set up, the affected regions ought to reason the pipes to leak and doubtlessly burst because of the abrasive houses of water flowing over the years.

Copper pipes, especially, are at a better risk of stricken by corrosion because they’re softer and more at risk of the elements.

6). High water pressure

Excessive water pressure can cause the pipes below your slab foundation to crack or collapse. Indicators for a slab leak due to high water pressure can cause strange noises. You can buy water pressure gauge to verify if your property’s water pressure is too excessive.

7).  Acidic water

If the water in your region is just too acidic, the pipes under your slab basis will slowly start to degrade and crack through the years. If your city has a hard water taste, it can be highly acidic.

 To lessen the harm, You can invest in a water softener to get rid of minerals consisting of magnesium and calcium within the water.

Ways to fix a slab leak

1.       Re-piping

To keep away from disposing of your stunning floors, a quicker way to fix a slab leak is to reroute a modern pipe outside the concrete basis. The trendy pipe could be without difficulty handy within the ground surrounding your foundation. The advantage of a brand new pipe is its accessibility.

2.       Slab leak drill

Another way to fix this issue is to drill through the concrete to replace the broken part. But it is only suitable if only a small section of the pipe is damaged.

3.       The help of a professional: 

If you are not DIY person or the damage is not controllable, contact a professional plumber as soon as possible. Or you can search for “Slab Leak Repair Near Me” after turning on your location tracker. You can also visit this website to check the alignment of your requirements and our services. 

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