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The ultimate guide for a fun 3-day stay in Atlanta, Georgia

We recommend you to go to Atlanta when festivities are held in town, but just get well organized and prepare everything. For your transportation, you can count on Greyhound buses. If you do not feel like going out, you can order food from a restaurant through GrubHub. There are so many tricks of the kind that you can use! Consider the CityPass activities!

Preparing the Trip and the Stay

If you would like to find the best offers and price reduction for your airline tickets and airport car service, This is the easiest way to prepare your trip, instead of spending a lot of times in researching and comparing. You can find in this page a lot of offers and advice about your trip in Atlanta.

Make sure you have enough budgets if you plan your stay during Christmas vacation or conventions or any other popular events. Yes, flights, car rental services and accommodation are more expensive on these occasions. The city’s attractions are also crowded, so you have to be prepared. If you consider going there during the low season or when there is nothing happening, it may not be a lot of fun.

Starting Day 1

The first thing to rush to when you are in Atlanta depends on what you are up to: culture, history, animals, nature… if it is the last one, you should go to the Georgia Aquarium. It is a family must-do, as kids and adults will share special moments watching all kinds of exhibits such as the AT&T Dolphin Show.

For more discoveries, but from another kind. Head to the World of Coca-Cola, a fun museum where you can unveil the making of this world-famous soda, and where you can taste the company’s products from all over the world.

To finish with the day, Ponce City Market is the best place. You can find here so many good restaurants. What about Mediterranean food?

Enjoying Day 2

Why not making day 2 a cultural day? Start with the Center For Civil and Human Rights and get to know everything about Martin Luther King’s fight and death. As it could be more tiring as you would expect, stop off at the Edgewood Corner Tavern and try out their famous Jive Turkey Burger. You can continue at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park where there are also shops and a place dedicated to Gandhi.

For dinner, we recommend the Daiquiri Factory, if you like daiquiris, of course. The chicken wings, the snow crabs and the crab cake sandwich are good. You will have a good night after that!

Topping It Off With Day 3

You may not feel like visiting the CNN Studio Tours at first, but this is the way it is interesting: you can discover the behind the scenes of a powerful television channel. You can find out how their international programs are filmed. If you come with kids, they may dream about working for television or cinema later. Plus, there is a restaurant inside the tour for your lunch time.

In the afternoon, go to the College Football Hall Of Fame, so you can discover The American Sport! The facility includes 50,000 square feet (4,600m²) of exhibit and event space, interactive displays (on the 2nd floor) and a 45-yard indoor football field. There is also a fun indoor playing field. To finish with the day and the stay, go to the Six Feet Under, a seafood restaurant which has nothing to do with killing and burying you! But the food kills for sure! In the right way!

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