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Suggestions & Strategies to Import Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird Account

Windows Live Mail is currently considered an outdated account as it was used with an outdated version of the Windows operating system. The benefits arise from moving from a WLM account to one that is still active and has many features; Thunderbird is one such account. This article will be useful to anyone who wants to import Windows Live Mail into Thunderbird. So, if you fit this description, please read through this educational website.

How can Windows Live Mail be converted to Thunderbird 78?

The Windows Live Mail account is the one that stores its data in the EML file format, as you are already aware of. Fortunately, the only account that can import EML files is Thunderbird.

It is therefore possible to manually drag and drop Windows Live Mail EML files into your Thunderbird account by simply going to the directory containing such files. The time required to finish this process, however, is quite laborious and lengthy, and it increases in direct proportion to the number of EML files.

You can skip the lengthy process outlined above and use the following method if you need to import Windows Live Mail folders to Thunderbird quickly.

The Greatest Method for Adding Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird

Thunderbird can import Windows Live Mail accounts with the Mailvita EML to MBOX Converter for Mac and Windows. It can switch from Windows Live Mail 2012 to Thunderbird quite rapidly. It can import contacts, folders from Microsoft Live Mail, emails with attachments, and more into Thunderbird. This program is secure and offers several conversion options. The characteristics of the tool are described below.

Import Windows Live Mail folders in bulk into Thunderbird with only a few clicks.

  • To export Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird manually, you must first choose the accounts or folders.
  • As a WLM viewer, you can examine every email and attachment before transmission.
  • Give you a search box so you can click once to hunt for a specific property.
  • Additionally, you can do Windows Live Mail forensics by examining emails in hex and raw formats.
  • Give yourself permission to explore the area so you can select a preferred spot to store the generated files.

How do I Transfer Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail 2011?

  • To export Windows Live Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird, download the Export Tool. Install and run the application to import WLM into Thunderbird after downloading it.
  • Open Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder from the drop-down menu after selecting it on the Open tab after the application has launched.
  • To import WLM folders into Thunderbird, you must first navigate to those folders.
  • You will be able to examine the data before conversion once all WLM files have been submitted to the program.
  • Select MBOX as the export file type by clicking the Export Tab now.
  • You can designate the location of the output file by choosing Browse. Click Save to switch Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird.
  • The files can be carefully imported into any version of Thunderbird after being converted from Windows Live Mail to MBOX.


It’s now simple to import Windows Live Mail into Thunderbird. We have given you the best way to go from WLM to Apple Mail Account. The folder structure is maintained in a highly secure way. It can quickly and easily export WLM files in mass. To learn everything there is to know about the technique, read the entire article.