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How To Use Progressive Web Apps in eCommerce to Enhance UX?

Back in 2014, it was hard to imagine that any technology could replace the experience of native applications. All because of the compatibility, ease of use, and prompt access to anything from mobile phones. However, as mobile accessibility becomes increasingly popular, the march of progress has found a solution in the form of PWAs.

These web application types have gained significant traction among businesses looking to improve their online presence. PWAs can work everywhere and provide native-app-like experiences without increasing the development cost. Moreover, they provide seamless user experiences by combining the strengths of the web and native apps, which is quite valuable for eCommerce.

Considering PWAs’ advantages, many well-known eCommerce businesses have adopted this change and are earning effective returns. Progressive web app development services are a good option if you are looking to create one for your business.

What Exactly is a PWA?

PWAs, created in 2015, are a new website class that provides a better user experience than traditional solutions. One distinctive feature that sets them apart is their ability to work under the shell of native apps, giving up browser tabs while maintaining the website’s linkability and ubiquity.

These are created using HTML, CSS, JS, and other technologies, which makes them easily accessible on the web. Companies like Alibaba, Twitter, AliExpress, and others use them to enhance revenues. You can implement one with the help of a Progressive web app development company.

How PWAs are Helpful in eCommerce?

The eCommerce market is highly volatile, making it quite challenging for a business to gain a strong foothold. Only those businesses that have consistently adopted new technological changes have stood tall. Some examples are Aliexpress, Alibaba, Flipkart (Flipkart Lite), and others, which have seen good growth. But how can a PWA help an eCommerce business attain maximum growth? Features like responsive design, quick loading, offline accessibility, etc., help increase the user experience of a PWA-based eCommerce store. Because of them, it provides various benefits to an online commerce business, some of which are illustrated below:

1Better User Experience

Because of their features and underlying technology, PWA storefronts load faster than traditional websites. This ensures that a PWA provides a satisfying and intuitive user experience, which keeps users returning to your store for more.

2. Device Compatibility

The other benefit of implementing a PWA is that it is highly compatible with other devices, making it a powerful tool for an eCommerce business.

3. Increases Conversion Rates

When users do not leave your PWA eCommerce, they will likely explore and look for the products or services they want. This will satisfy users and guide them towards conversion, whether buying a product or filling out a form.

Getting Started with PWA for an eCommerce Business?

Building a PWA requires some technical expertise. However, many ecommerce platforms now offer PWA functionalities or integrations with PWA development tools. So, how can you get started? Here’s how you can use PWA in eCommerce:

1. Research and Choose a Platform

The first thing you can do is research suitable platforms and list them all. While researching different platforms, consider your business needs, type, and target audience. Select the most appropriate one that relates to what you want.

2. Prioritize Features

The next step is prioritizing the features you want in your PWA like push notifications or offline access. Remember, it should relate to your business type. You can partner with an eCommerce web development company to help you solve this riddle.

3. Optimize for Mobile

Today, users like to surf everything from their mobile devices. If it’s an eCommerce domain, the chances are significantly higher. Though PWAs offer a mobile-centric experience, optimizing one for every screen size can be a big plus point for your business.


Utilization of Progressive web apps in eCommerce is not a new concept.  These web applications offer an app-like experience that does not require store downloads, significantly boosting engagement and sales. You can create one for your business, as various leading online commerce platforms can help you develop a performing PWA storefront. The choice depends on your business needs and the features you want in your web solution. The ideal way is to hire web developers and consult with them to find the right platform type for your business. This way, you can create an eCommerce PWA that helps enhance the user experience.