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Things To Do While Visiting The Island Of Lombok

Visit Lombok, Chili Island, Indonesia

Have you ever thought about a trip to Piment Island? With a name like that, that piques your curiosity and your taste buds! You are probably wondering where this island is located. It is located in the Indonesian archipelago, where I finished my boat tour from Flores. 

It is the locals who gave this nickname to the island of Lombok. I don’t know if it’s the volcanic larva-based soil that grows such hot peppers here, but they’re ranked eighth (scorching!) on the Scoville scale. Yes, such a scale exists!

Rest assured, if you plan to visit Lombok in Indonesia, know that the island has many other attractions. If you are wondering what to do in Lombok, Julius Homes will reveal the 3 favourites in this article. Neighbor of the famous and attractive island of Bali, Lombok does not have to be envious, because it has many assets and attractions, but also an authenticity which will certainly seduce your heart and your spirit of traveller.

A short flight over the island of Lombok in Indonesia

If you arrive on the island of Lombok from Bali, without realizing it, you will cross the Wallace Line. It is a thin biogeographic boundary that separates two ecozones. And this line runs right between these two islands. 

It was the naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace who established this line which differentiates on both sides of it, the Asian and Australasian fauna and flora. So if you’re not convinced that Lombok is different from Bali, well… all you have to do is go and see! I’m sure you already want it.

But what does this other beauty of the Indonesian archipelago have to offer? You will first be surprised to see how the island of Lombok in Indonesia is both arid and lush at the same time. The giant Mount Rinjani,  Gunung Rinjani in Indonesian, with its still active volcanic cone, certainly has something to do with it. The contrasts between the coasts and the centre of the island can be seen and felt.

Visiting the island of Lombok is an opportunity to explore a varied flora and to discover white sand beaches, lush forests, fields with generous and diversified crops, mysterious seabed teeming with wonders and the fascinating summit of Gunung Rinjani.

As in the other small Sunda Islands, Lombok prides itself on its specific cultural traditions in music, dance and crafts such as pottery, ikat weaving and basketry. It is also by visiting the island of Lombok, in the heart of the island in the central region, that you will meet the Sasak community, the first inhabitants who gave life to this island. If you are wondering what to do in Lombok, you see that the possibilities are endless.

Visit the centre of the island of Lombok, including the village of Tetebatu

Among the different regions of the island of Lombok in Indonesia, I particularly liked the centre. If you are looking for what to do in Lombok, visiting the centre of the island is a must to appreciate its authenticity. In the heart of the island, this lush and fertile region takes you into a very special garden with its immense rice fields, orchards, forests and fields of tobacco and coffee.

There are some very beautiful hikes to do in this plant-filled lush where you will come across splendid waterfalls and probably monkeys clinging to the trees, nibbling while casting teasing and curious glances at you.

And if Mount Rinjani is often on the horizon when travelling around the island, in the central region, it is omnipresent and found in the foreground of practically every landscape. No wonder since this colossus is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. 

Some travellers come to visit Lombok with the primary objective of climbing it. If this is your dream, or if you would like to know more about this magnificent adventure, I invite you to read my colleague’s article.

This region of the island of Lombok is also the birthplace of the island’s first inhabitants, the Sasaks. This community originally from Malaysia now constitutes the largest ethnic group on the island. Part of this community respects a cult of their own called watu telu; a mix of animist, Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic influences.

The traditional sasak houses are amazing. Built on stilts, their top floor is the rice granary. Called lumbung in Indonesian, these dwellings symbolize Sasak identity. You will see them all over the island, but they are mainly concentrated in the central region. 

If you are wondering what to do in Lombok for a cultural experience, know that several small villages offer the opportunity to discover the culture, rites and crafts of this unique ethnic group of Indonesia.

Relax on the beaches of Senggigi

What to do in Lombok after its cultural immersion in the center of the country? Relax on its magnificent beaches! Unquestionably, the sublime white sand beaches of the island of Lombok contribute to its charm. They are distributed on its coasts and those near Kuta (yes, there is a Kuta also on Lombok), are very famous for the practice of surfing. The waves come to die on the sand, offering very beautiful challenges to the followers.

The beaches near Senggigi are most attractive and offer the advantage of proximity to transit towns (Senggigi and Mataram). The offer of hotel infrastructure is considerable, and this is for all budgets. If during your trip to visit Lombok, you plan to spoil yourself for a few nights, you will certainly find what you are looking for in the present offer.

In your agenda for these few days, idleness should take centre stage. And if you have climbed the imposing Gunung Rinjani, then here is a more than well-deserved reward.

As you travel along these stretching beaches, you will discover pretty little bays, colourful boats lulling by the sea and fishermen perched on steep rocks armed with long poles hoping for a miraculous catch.

Visit Lombok and its heavenly Gili Islands

They form a beautiful trio, these 3 small islands which can be reached from the island of Lombok to which they belong, or even from Bali. A stay on these islands is an essential stopover on your journey if you plan to visit Lombok. You can book your ferries to the Gilis Islands as well as other transport from Lombok directly on the BookaWay website. 

The absence of cars or motorcycles on these islands is a particularity that our senses welcome with great pleasure. This is what gives these islands a refuge of tranquillity in the middle of the blue sea, surrounded by white sand and dancing coconut palms.

While it is true that it is most pleasant to be away from motor vehicles, it must be agreed that these islands are very popular and busy. Many tourists go there to party and enjoy its beaches. This popularity has the advantage of bringing an interesting offer of accommodation and catering. But rest assured, it is possible to find a quiet hotel.

It is also easy to get around the island to enjoy the tourist attractions. As they are small, including the island of Trawangan where I stayed, travel is done on foot, by bike or by cart. It is also possible to travel by boat from one island to another; this service is accessible several times a day.

If it was the most delicious and peaceful to sip a Singapore sling near the beach, for me, it is its dive sites that allow me to give the Gili Islands my favourite mention. Even if you are a beginner, don’t hesitate to experiment with diving. Several companies offer sea trips that are adapted to different levels. The support and equipment are appropriate and safe.

If it is possible for you to snorkel from the beach, the sea opens up to superb sites where you will be amazed to discover its entrails. Do you have a crazy dream of swimming with turtles? It is quite possible that this dream will come true during your stay in the Gili Islands. If you want to know more about the various dive sites, I suggest you see this site.