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6 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate Using Images

The images can easily attract people. If you choose nice images for a website then it can remove all the dullness of that website. They make it live. They have a solid impact on the audience. A great image can deliver the message clearer than text. So, it can boost the conversion rate easily rather than text.

But an incorrect image is not good for you. As images influence your conversion rate, it is good for you to understand how to choose a perfect image.

If a company uses a relevant image on its web page then its CTR(Click-through rate) improves.

Most of the e-commerce sites today are utilizing the idea of sharing images and the text has taken a backseat. Normally, people see images first rather than text.

Now I will give you some tips to boost your site’s conversion rate using images:

1.Create emotional touch-

People typically purchase from you if you create some emotions in them. These emotions can be a feeling of happiness or fear or satisfaction. The images are ideal for stimulating the feelings and making a connection with your target market. After seeing a favorable image, the people’s trust in your company increases and they try to know more 

about your company.

And if you are able to provide an image that can attract them at once then it is very good for you. They will start liking your brand and choose it over others. Thus you have to make those images very expressive so that they can stimulate a psychological reaction from a target customer. If a person if forced to feel those emotions then it becomes the driving force

to decide whether he will convert or not.

Being an online marketer, you have to use those images that fortify the feeling that the product is made to stimulate.

2.Customize images targeting your market-

Customizing the images that target your market is one of the best methods of marketing. The two factors that decide how the people will react after seeing certain images are gender and age. These factors can also be called as market qualities. It has been found that the males generally look at the image first rather than ladies. Ladies are more interested in seeing the text.

3.Show how to utilize the product-

The images are so much reliable when they are used to reveal a particular client. We all know that they increase the conversion rate. One more useful strategy is to show the client how they can use any product or service. It allows a particular customer to see how a particular product is being used. With this the customers can socially recognize other people who are happy in using that product and this forces them to purchase the product too and become a regular customer. 

4.Always show your product in a spotlight-

When people go to a shop they can check the product by touching it and then they can make a purchase. But in an online shopping environment they can not touch or feel the product. So you should display your items in a most impressive way. The images of the product can do it very easily. You can show several images of the product showing its different positions. After seeing the product from several angles and watching each edge and side of it the customer can feel the product. He can see how he will utilize it.

5.Use trust badges-

As the technology is rising the threats to online security are also increasing. Therefore it is very essential that customers feel secure while making an online purchase from your website. The more trust a customer has in your business the more he is likely to purchase from you. In order to increase conversions you should place trust badges on the checkout page. If a website uses trust badges then it boosts the product exploration. 

6.Do not use bad stock images-

If you select those stock photos for your website that look obvious then it will not attract the audience so much. So, be smart and choose those stock photos that are good for your website in every respect. No matter how much they cost to you but always select the perfect ones. This will automatically increase the conversion rate of your


You can hire a freelancer digital marketing expert to boost your conversion rate though images and get the benefit for your business.  

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