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Top 7 Trending Game App Ideas in 2021-22

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In 2020, there was around a 12% increase in the number of mobile game players than in 2019. Currently, there are over 2.5 billion mobile game players across the world. Also, the global mobile game industry was valued at 77.2 billion dollars in 2020.

The above statistics clearly show that the popularity of mobile games is increasing dramatically, so is the market size. Mobile game apps prove to be excellent sources of entertainment, especially in situations like Lockdown. Playing mobile games is one of the preferred activities by people during the Lockdown period. And why not? They get to enjoy playing a variety of games using their Smartphones and keep themselves entertained for a long time. From children to youngsters to elders, every age group enjoys playing mobile games to the fullest.

Seeing the evergreen popularity of mobile games and growing market size, it is wise to invest in this business area. By developing an engrossing mobile game app you can start a profitable business or grow an existing one. However, this requires you to choose the best game idea that can attract maximum gamers and keep them hooked for long. To help you with this, we have identified the ten most popular game ideas. You can consider any of these trending ideas and build a successful mobile game app using unity game development or other technologies.


Rummy has been a crucial part of card game culture for centuries. The popularity of rummy has grown exponentially with the emergence of mobile gaming technology. People love to play online rummy games with their friends and family while also enjoying amazing bonuses and other perks. Thus, investing in rummy game app development will be a wise decision. A feature-rich rummy game app can entice massive players and get you an excellent engagement rate. Besides adding engaging features, you must also offer different versions of rummy to improve the gaming experience.


Board games like Ludo have been there for decades and almost everyone is familiar with it. In fact, Ludo is one of the most played board games both online and offline. During the lockdown period, millions of people played Ludo with their friends, family, and even with unknown players as well. The ease of gameplay, exciting game modes, amazing rewards, and more, are the reasons behind the immense popularity of this card game. If you have been seeking an easy yet effective game idea, then this is the best one. You can build an advanced Ludo game app with improved and innovative features that can attract and engage players easily.


If you are willing to enter the online casino business, roulette is the best mobile game idea you can consider. Roulette is one of the most played casino games. The game involves a wheel having numbered pockets and a ball revolving in it. Players have to place bets on any given number or group of numbers. Players with successful bets win the game. It is a simple yet highly engaging game that entices players to keep coming back and more regularly. It is popular amongst both professional bettors as well as amateur players. By creating a roulette game app you can start an online casino business that can get you excellent ROI. 

Sports League Game

Sports league games are also gaining immense popularity these days. Besides just watching their favorite sports, fans also love to enjoy playing them, be it in real life or virtually. By creating an interactive sports game with plots similar to popular sports leagues such as NFL, IPL, NMB, etc. you can surely win sports fans’ hearts and entice them to be regular users of your game app. You can add exciting features like achievement badges, live chat, and more to make the game more interesting. Also, you can use modern technology like AR/AR and 2D/3D to bring a realistic feel into the game.

Combat Game

Combat or fighting games are sure to be on this list as they are an evergreen gaming genre loved by millions of people. You can create an enthralling combat game app with features and activities like shooting, reloading weapons, throwing grenades, crouching, and more. With this type of game app, you can get an amazing audience response and a great ROI. 

Wheel of Fortune

We all get an opportunity to try our luck in various forms. The Wheel of Fortune game is full of such opportunities, and this is the reason people are crazy about this game. The game involves unequal chances of spinning a vertical spinning wheel and winning amazing prizes based on the results. Though the game looks simple, it can keep players engaged for hours.

Texas hold’em

Texas hold’em is another popular card game we couldn’t refuse to add to this list. It is one of the most popular variations of poker games that have been played worldwide. You can consider creating a Texas hold’em game app with unique and more interesting features like live messaging, achievement badges, and more. 

On a Final Note!

Now you know some game ideas that can get you sure success in the gaming market, it is time to embrace the right one and start working for it. Your next step should be to find expert game developers who can assist you in transforming one of these ideas into a successful game app and business. You can either choose a mobile game development company or an expert unity game development company based on your unique requirements.

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