Why the openings of educational institution will be harmful ?

Just get to the ground reality of Indian people mentality they just criticise students when students oppose the opening of educational institutions but they forget about 3rd wave of covid-19 which will target children’s.
School opening is not good at all until the school staff should follow the covid-19 norms and get jab.
 So, i doesn’t need to tell about the vaccination going on ground level.   It will look great that we are running biggest vaccination drive but just compare it to the population of country.

It is impossible to vaccinate everyone, but government should made mandatory for all teachers, mentors and professors of educational institutions to vaccinate their staff at by their own funds or from teachers salary. Because vaccines for children are still not approved even majority of vaccine companies not applied for trial in India only one company has started first trial. So, just make sure that educational institution in which your ward study had vaccinated full staff.

If not write a application to that particular educational institution with signature of atleast 250 parents or 35% student’s parents.  You can also write application as an individual one or maybe with your friends to ask institution on vaccination of staff. However, government will never made mandatory to vaccinate staff of educational institution and don’t come in the sweet coated lies of authorities that they will follow covid-19 norms like social distancing, sanitising classes everyday, and wearing of mask.

We all know that in classroom of 50+ students how we can perform covid-19 norms and some institution have 2 teachers in a class at a time. seo mafia course free download You all should remember if your child get infected from deadly covid 19 virus then what can’t be the cost anything ( WHO ) is already warn that 3rd wave will be deadliest and infect children. It is inevitable can come till September or October and it can infect daily about 5-7 lakhs people per day.    

There are new mutations and variants spreading in India and second wave is caused by Indian variant ( Delta Variant ) not only this because of Indian variant Britain has to tighten covid 19 restrictions and they postponed the lifting of lockdown from various regions.     Now, a new variant ( Delta Plus ) is being spreading in Britain people call this as Nepal variant because it spreads in those who come in contact of Turkish and Nepalian people.    

Until now no death is being recorded in India but it was being warned that this Nepal variant can fool our immune system also and   nobody knows that vaccines are effective on this variant or not yet trial is started to check the results of vaccine on this variant.    If you are a NRI or work in foreign then you can afford to vaccinate your child in that country. You can ignore this post simply and can move ahead.   

Precautions and safety measures should be taken by educational institutions    Social distancing should be followed by students    School should be open for class 9 to 12    Schools should open with criteria of 50-50   Sanitisation of classrooms everyday Sharing of things should be restricted among students.

  No gatherings, functions, and group video games All staff members should get vaccinated either from public clinics or private hospitals Mask should be mandatory for all Recess should take place with certain conditions. In schools the teachers that are not vaccinated should submit the negative report and reason not for vaccination

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