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Top 10+ Features to Look at While Building Live Streaming App

User preferences are undergoing a radical change in the tech-driven world. This has led to the spotlight being beamed on live streaming. The real-time nature of live streaming ensures an amazing user experience.  

Now, what is streaming? It is the process where you watch or listen to stuff online without having to download it first. Video streaming apps let you watch videos straight from the internet, and some even let you save them on your device.

Be it live events, meetings, or presentations, live streaming adds value to different applications. Hence, many businesses may demand a live streaming app to cater to the user engagement goals. Read on as we explore the features as well as the benefits of a live streaming platform.

What Is a Live Streaming App?

 A live stream is when someone broadcasts videos or other media online. This may be viewed by many people at the same time. It can be about events happening right now. Streamers can use a Live streaming app to stream sports or news, or it can be stuff you can watch whenever you want, like TV shows or movies. 

People use live streaming app features for lots of things. They can use it for:

  1. sharing videos with friends
  2. playing games
  3. talking to a doctor online
  4. learning from home
  5. meeting new people
  6. selling things online
  7. hosting virtual events.

Some popular places to watch live streams are Facebook Live, TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube Live. But, if you make your own app for live streaming, you have more control over how it looks, making money from it and making it bigger. 

Creating your own live streaming app costs money and needs people who know how to build it, but it can be really good for businesses who want to make their own special streaming thing instead of using someone else’s platform.

How Does Live Streaming App Work?

 Live streaming is like sending your video to people online while it’s happening. The aim is to do this without any delays so viewers can watch in real-time. 

Video latency means there’s a delay between recording and when viewers see it. The goal is for them to see it as quickly as possible after you record it. 

People use live streaming for lots of things. It helps them share events or experiences with people who can’t be there in person. 

Businesses and groups also use live streaming to connect with their audiences. It lets more people join in on events no matter where they are. Now, onto the next part.

Top 10 Features of using Live streaming App

A good video app becomes popular when people like using it. An expert team can create an app that’s easy to use and looks great, helping you get more viewers quickly. 

1. User Profile: Users can personalize their profiles. The app can also show useful info like how many people follow them, how many videos they’ve watched, and what kinds of videos they like. They can even share their favorite videos with friends. It helps increase the popularity on social media. 

2. Search: Suppose someone wants to watch a specific video but may not know where to find it. For this, they can use the search function. Making it easy for users to find what they want quickly is important. They can look for videos by: 

  • location
  • topic 
  • date
  • length
  • genre
  • language
  • popularity

3. User Authentication and Authorization: Only the people who are supposed to can get into the app. It keeps your information safe and stops others from seeing things they shouldn’t. This feature also protects user privacy when you provide premium content. 

4. Chat and Social Interaction: Your viewers can chat with others who are watching the same clips or streams. This helps them feel connected, and they can share their thoughts. 

5. Monetization Options: People who make content can earn money from their streams. They can do this by: 

  1. getting people to subscribe
  2. showing ads
  3. hosting special events that people pay to watch. 

6. Analytics and Insights: The app should be able to provide lots of details about who’s watching. It includes features like where they’re from and what they like. This helps content creators understand their audience better.

7. DVR and Playback Control: Users can pause, rewind, or fast forward while watching live streams. This lets them catch up if they happen to miss something. This allows them to even skip parts they are not interested in. 

8. Customizable Branding: People who make content often want the app to look like their own. They can add their branding and themes to make it feel more like home for their viewers. 

9. Push Notifications:

Users will get messages when new shows are coming up or if there’s something important happening. This helps them stay in the loop and not miss anything. 

10. Recording and VOD Support:

Users can watch shows even after the content maker has finished streaming. They’re saved so you can watch whenever you want, adding more value to the app. 

Wrapping up:

In today’s world of computers and the internet, the online video platform you use to show videos should be easy for you to use. There are many platforms now where you can show videos live, and some of them offer basic features while others have extra special ones you can pay for. Deciding to create a live streaming app for showing live videos can be hard, but it is not always necessary to stress about it.

If you know what features are popular right now and think about what’s important to you, it can help you choose. The best video platform will have all the features we talked about and even more. So, go ahead and start streaming videos online on the right platform. We hope you do that without any problems.