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Helping Drivers Seamlessly Track Earning with Uber Money

Uber was created in 2009 and since then has been somewhat of a pathbreaker in introducing new services to make it a cakewalk for riders and drivers to receive and deliver ride-sharing services from and to each other.

Here is a little intro about the Uber app.

Uber – About the Services

Uber had its creation in 2009 to help riders receive smooth ride experiences at the tip of their fingers. The services of the popular solution are available on Android Play Store and iOS App Store respectively.

All that riders have to do is enter the app and add their location. As soon as they perform this step they get connected to drivers nearby. The rider needs to now choose the kind of ride they would want and thereafter book the ride.

Within a few minutes, the ride arrives and the rider is able to smoothly cover their location. This in turn has made the solution popular among the riders at large. Also it has given drivers an opportunity to earn a good income along the way at the same time.

So as mentioned earlier Uber has made ride-sharing and hailing unique for riders and drivers and given enormous earning opportunities to drivers.

Also Uber has introduced some unique services over the span of its time in existence to make itself a unique solution and one of its newest additions is Uber Money that is going to be launched in 2020.

Let us discuss a little about Uber Money in detail.

Uber Money

Uber Money is a new service that will have its launch in 2020. With the help of these services, drivers can keep track of their earnings in a more easy as well as smooth manner and also maintain a check on their spending more smoothly.

According to the head of Uber Peter Hazlehurst, Uber Money will now be available in the Uber App and in some time shall be available also on UberEATS.

More about Uber Money

With the help of Uber Money, the drivers will be offered a digital wallet and upgraded debit and credit cards thereby giving them access to a mobile bank account. This way, every time a driver provides ride services, they would automatically get the money credited into their digital wallet.

Peter Hazlehurst also suggested that soon Uber Money will be available for the riders as well thus on a whole making it quite a promising service idea indeed for Uber on a whole.

So now that you know a little about Uber Money, let us now understand how Uber Money plans to empower the driver.

How Uber Money Promises to Empower Drivers

  1. Help drivers efficiently track earnings and spending history
  2. Assist drivers to manage money
  3. Assist driver to discover new Uber products

So altogether, Uber Money is a promising new service feature that will bring a great opportunity to the drivers. In other words, the driver will be able to keep a check on their earnings more smoothly as well as conveniently and get a digital wallet to get money with every ride provided by them on a whole.

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