Variety of machines available in smart soda

Need a water vending machine that fulfills all your needs? Then visit Smart soda a leading goods provider company in the sector that provides you with different kinds of machines based on your needs.

The process of making these drinks started with water and smart soda provides you with the best kind of alkaline water. It is the best kind of water available as it contains 32 kinds of vitamins and minerals in it and it is sugar less or has zero sugar present in it. The water is 100% natural and filled with antioxidants. 

Our products are made up of alkaline water this has truly set us apart from the competition because our products both taste better and are better for you than regular name-brand more than just a soda company; Smart Soda is a global provider of premier Beverage solutions for restaurants, offices, cafes, health clubs, convenience stores, and more. At Smart Soda we want you to enjoy the best drink possible and for this, we are making our efforts to fulfill our customer’s needs. 

Our products

Are you unsure which machine best suits your needs? We are happy to make recommendations based on your business or lifestyle! We design our products according to our customer’s needs. With our large variety of better-for-you beverage options, we can accommodate any business type or size. 

1. Slushie machine

A smart soda slushie machine is used to make a refreshing drink. The machine is made up of two parts one in the tank and the other in the core. The machine starts rotating the mixture at a constant speed so that the sugar and water molecule bond together before it gets freeze. In this way, a slushie drink is made. It comes in two types carbonated and non-carbonated. 

2. Water dispenser

A water dispenser is also known as a water cooler. A water dispenser is a machine that cools or heats up and dispenses water with a refrigeration unit. It is a very commonly used machine in offices, warehouses, and convenience stores and now people are also buying this for their houses. 

3. Vending machine

Smart soda water vending machine is a machine where you have to put a token amount and then it will fill your container. The cost of filling a water container is very low or average so every person can afford it. This type of machine is mostly seen in restaurants and public places. 

4. Healthy soda or craft soda

Well, we are familiar with the word ‘soda’ which means a kind of carbonated drink that we usually mixed with alcohol. Craft soda is a kind of fizzy beverage which is made artisanally; it is made in small batches using natural ingredients. This drink does not contain any kind of sugar in it or contains plant-based sugar. It is a good alternative for people who like a soft drink. Awareness in people regarding health trends and less sugar intake help this trend to grow.

5. Ice machine 

A smart soda ice machine is used to make ice cubes with the process of adiabatic cooling. Adiabatic cooling is the process of reducing heat through a change in air pressure caused by volume expansion. The ice was produced by a part of an ice machine known as an ice generator.

Since the launch of the company smart soda is recognized and chosen by more than 500 companies as a healthy beverage solution to fulfill our customer demands. Smart Soda is helping the world to revolutionize the beverage industry by empowering our customers with lifelong partnerships and world-class carbonated water systems that offer a healthier option, while also tasting great, and is environmentally friendly.