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Visually Most Compelling Dashboards in Five Moves

The importance of information in business

To effectively manage the company action it is necessary to have the right tools. A visually convincing dashboard, for example, is essential to obtain the most important information as quickly as possible and monitor the situation of the various production departments in real time.

For this reason, it is advisable to set the dashboard so that it contains only the most relevant information and impact graphs, not for themselves, but centered on the salient aspects of the business.

In order to create a functional and user friendly dashboard, it is advisable to respect the following guidelines, which highlight the 5 main aspects of an intuitive and effective graphic interface.

The five tips for a visually convincing dashboard

First of all, it should be borne in mind that a dashboard must facilitate the task of those looking for data and information, and not make it more complicated with amazon ungating. Therefore, it must be able to focus attention on certain critical issues and provide all related data with intuitive and interactive graphs.

Find the key information

The first advice, therefore, is to clearly identify the key indicators useful for the company in a given context, and to eliminate any information that is not fundamental from the main screen, making it available only for more in-depth research.

In this way the answers will always be in front of the operator’s eyes, who will not have to waste time in further research and useless interpretations of the data.

Take care of the graphic aspect of the dashboard

As a second step, it is necessary to take care of the layout of the dashboard so that the graphs are a real guide for the user, provide him with the answers he seeks and, if possible, anticipate his requests.

To achieve this, it is necessary that the interactive graphs and diagrams are clear and suitably positioned on the screen, and above all they must significantly highlight the key indicators that we talked about in the previous point.

Ultimately, the overall view of the graphs must represent impact information, which allows the operator to recover the most useful data with a simple overview.

A coordinated set of information

The dashboard graphics must coordinate with each other, in order to provide contextualized data, capable of analyzing in depth the aspects considered.

Not just simple figures, but comparisons and statistics that return the real value of those numbers. It is essential, in particular, that the most critical points of the activity are highlighted, that is, those aspects that need to be remedied more quickly.

As mentioned, a visually compelling dashboards must have as a principal objective and do not take precious time operator who consults the contents.

For this reason, it is important that the dashboard is designed carefully and intelligently, without giving too much importance to the merely aesthetic aspects, but focusing attention on the functionality of each graphic.

The layout: simplicity and essentiality

In preparing the graphics, therefore, greater importance must be given to the information aspects, and the aesthetic aspect must be simple and essential, to convey data and information in the most intuitive way possible.

Linear shapes and primary colors will help make each diagram as intuitive as possible. Highlighting positive data in green and criticality in red is always the simplest and most effective way to provide the information sought in a simple glance.

The dashboard as a guide to deepening

Finally, the dashboard must be able to play a guiding role for the operator. Keys and functions must invite the user to deepen the research in progress in the most appropriate direction, to discover that information which, although not fundamental, can help to find the best solution to a given problem.

Conclusions: the importance of a visually effective dashboard

Ultimately, if the dashboard also allows novices to obtain researched data and news, it means that it is an intuitive and useful interface for business purposes.

Taking care of the appearance of the dashboard, therefore, makes it possible to provide the company with a quick and effective tool, which helps to solve individual daily criticalities in the shortest possible time and allows you to always keep at hand the basic information for the society.

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