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Man about his pregnant wife: 5 Worst things

Mostly, you can find articles on the Internet about pregnancy, pregnant women and about her health. We often look for information about what to do while waiting for a baby, but do we think about our husbands. Knowing so much about a woman’s health, mood swings does anybody at least imagine how a man feels. From the moment a woman takes the due date calculator to start counting the weeks and every day do things that matters, the cosmic time for the man begins. As I heard the story of a young father, I will briefly tell you what difficulties men face while his woman is expecting a baby.

Mood Swings

Sometimes you just don’t understand how a beautiful and sexy woman can become a world warrior, angry and aggressive as a warrior, in times of nausea. Any trifle can become a big dispute only in the delta because it does not sink. Of course, she will always be the winner, because that’s what she strives for. Now she wants ice, a few minutes down the cucumber. One minute she’s cute, another minute she’s angry and crying. That is right! That is really hard to handle. The best advice for men – to avoid public places, especially where so many women, because it shows other more beautiful in this period is indeed hard.

compliments that aren’t taken like compliments.

Every woman is very fond of compliments. During pregnancy, it is a different issue. For a man, it’s a very difficult mission. He wants to cheer on his wife at any cost with a compliment of how beautiful she is, but here it is risky. It may be that any compliment that needs to make her feel better can be taken out of context and become a target of anger. Although the man sincerely believes that she wants a beautiful compliment as pretty today, it seems, do not make mistakes, and say it is only when you are guaranteed that it has no side effects. The best advice for men – to avoid public places, especially where are many women, because see other more beautiful in this period is indeed hard for her. 

Baby Shower

This fest is definitely not for men. All the planning, a lot of head-turning, decorating, cake-making … Women like it, especially when it comes to baby celebration. While the woman is pregnant, she is not capable of doing many things by herself. She needs her husband’s help. Brush your teeth with a smile on your face, and make your wife happy by helping her to plan the party. Sometimes juices and cakes are nice!

Let’s come up with a name

Most exciting thing to do. If you haven’t decided and picked a name for a long time, this can be a fun activity. The list is very long, you can spend hours upon hours picking and thinking about the baby’s name. For a woman, it’s probably like watching pictures never get tired. It is very good if it is easy to reach an agreement and one or the other goes down and agrees to the other offer.

Strange food choices

Today, she embraces a hot dog and eats it with raspberry jam instead of tomato sauce. Yes, that is absurd, but if she wants it, I don’t care. The man would then go and make something normal for himself. It is a pity that all this will be eaten alone will be hiding in the kitchen, not in front of the TV, it is better not to show or annoy the person either in terms of image or smell. 

Everything that is said in this article is by a man who has a good sense of humor. His wife is also able to make fun of herself and look at everything with a smile. The fact is, these are the stories that we all experience differently. Not all women are the same, but men, you have to know that not everything depends on women. Pregnancy with women body and head can do incredible things.  

No matter what happens in those months, the first eye contact with that little wonder that appears in our hands is the most beautiful and happiest thing that can happen to a human.

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