The Requirement of Green Web Hosting and Does VPS Chennai is Nature-Friendly

Servers are the most important part of our digital life and it’s very important for us to use a server that is powerful but nature friendly as well. And there is only VPS Chennai which is an eco-friendly server. 

As our technology is growing our carbon footprints are increasing with that as well. Some people say that we need to use shared hosting to reduce server consumption but as I say everybody wants a server that is eco-friendly but powerful at the same time and shared hosting can’t be at that mark that can do both things.

Unlike this, if you use VPS Hosting Chennai that will be the best option for your website because it is a virtual; server so it doesn’t leave any carbon footprint behind.

What it Means by Green Web Hosting

Green web hosting refers to web hosting that uses environmentally conscious technology and processes in order to reduce carbon footprints.

Every year, the use of digital technology in the workplace grows. This increases the energy demands to keep the data centers functioning, resulting in an annual increase of 9% in energy usage. 

Most web hosting companies are unconcerned with the amount of energy they use and the impact they make on the environment. As a result, green hosting is quickly becoming a necessity in businesses.

Thankfully, some businesses are already thinking about it and appreciating the value of environment-conscious web hosting.

Green VPS Chennai: Explanation

Green VPS hosting has some features same like shared web hosting. Because it shares the same hardware with other websites, unlike shared hosting, it does not share resources. When one webpage on a shared system consumes all available transmission, your page may slow down.

 Another issue that eco-friendly VPS hosting solves is that if another page, such as a broken script, causes the computer to go down,  your server will remain up.

VPS servers are not physical servers and you can divide a dedicated server into many virtual servers so it’s very nature friendly and the power consumption is also very low if you use a VPS server.

VPS Server supports green tech and also there is no carbon footprint left behind when you use a VPS Chennai. so overall it’s a very powerful and nature-friendly web hosting for you.

Other Benefits That Come With VPS Chennai

  1. Scalability: 

VPS Server gives you website flexible resources so it can help your website an easy and smooth scaling. By means that is if there is constant traffic or fluctuating traffic, the server will provide resources according to that.

  1. Control and Installation:

VPS Server gives you full control over the sever same as a dedicated server does it help you to install any software and application you want to install in your VPS Chennai server.

  1. OS Support:

VPS servers can easily adopt any kind of Operating system. you can install any OS you want to install on the VPS server. Most people go with Windows but there are some who feel more comfortable using Linux.

  1. Control Panel: 

The Control panel is a very important part of the VPS server. it will become easier to install and customize any application or software with a control panel. Also if you are not that tech-savvy then controlling and using your server will not be a difficult task for you.

  1. Managed and Unmanaged:

Maybe you don’t have enough time to maintain the server, and also not enough knowledge about servers, then it will be very difficult to understand the VPS server and its working process. So you can choose a managed VPS hosting plan. In that plan, your hosting provider will do care of your server instead of you.

But if you have enough knowledge about servers then you can buy an unmanaged plan and do the maintenance by yourself.

The Most Trustworthy And Eco- Friendly VPS Chennai Provider

Serverwala is really concerned about nature and about the harm that servers are doing to our ecosystem. Serverwala gives you VPS Chennai with so many features and also Serverwala is the best web hosting provider company among all.

Features are given by serverwala:

  • 99.90% uptime
  • SSL certificate
  • Control panel as per your choice
  • Operating system choice
  • Cheap backup plans
  • 24/7 customer support with technical experts
  • Regular backup plans at a cheap cost
  • Monthly data transfer up to 2000GB


Because of global warming and carbon footprints, nature becomes very unfriendly to humans. If we couldn’t take a stand today, then maybe in the future it will become dangerous for us to consume air. 

We humans are not doing any justice to nature we have to do what we can do that is good for the earth that will do not benefit us also future generations will take profit from that.

Choose a Cheap VPS Chennai server to host your website online that will not only benefit you also it will give benefits to nature as well.