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male underwear with a pouch

What types of underwear does a man wear

When shopping for underwear, the most important thing to remember is, to be honest with yourself. Because this is the layer nearest to your skin, it’s time to make changes if it doesn’t feel right. There are various signals that you may be wearing the incorrect size.

What is the meaning of pouch underwear?

Pouch underwear is a style of underwear that is only worn by men. The front of the garment contains a soft cup that provides extra room for a man’s genitals. Pouch briefs give a man’s genitals good support and a pleasant fit. Finding male underwear with a pouch that fits properly can be difficult for some people.

When choosing underwear and fabrics, there are so many options now that it’s challenging to find something right for you without buying a pair of each. Underwear is the most personal and intimate decision in menswear because only a few people will see it. It’s worn all day, every day, right next to the skin.

Which style of underwear is suitable for every man?

A boxer may appeal to one man because of its breathability and loose fit. A man may like the snug fit of briefs or the minimal coverage of a thong, whereas another man may prefer the minimal range of a thong. As a result, we recommend that you investigate all of your alternatives before deciding which one is best for you. The fabric is essential since it contributes to a pleasant fit. Choose underwear made of soft cotton on hot and humid days. Innerwear made of a cotton-spandex blend is ideal for when you require comfort and a slight stretch.


Briefs are also fantastic for shorter guys since they reveal more of your legs, making you appear taller by making them appear longer. Most significantly, its form is highly supportive, making it great for cardio enthusiasts. We recommend a 100 percent cotton pair for everyday wear, but for workouts, search for versions created of a fabric that will wick sweat away from your skin.

Briefs with a Full Rise

Full-rise briefs are a traditional piece of men’s underwear covering a significantly bigger area than low-rise briefs. Full-rise briefs envelop the sides with a Y-shape that is less apparent than smaller underwear, extending from the waist to the end of the buttocks.

Briefs with a Low Rise

Men’s low-rise briefs are perhaps the most popular and widely worn underwear. This underwear is a cropped variant of the total rise Y-front briefs, covering a more extensive area.

Pouch underwear

Pouch underwear is a type of underwear created especially for guys. The underwear has a soft cup in the front that allows for an ideal space for a man’s genitals. A man’s genitals are supported in the pouch rather than being kept in or crushed against his body to promote a more comfortable fit.

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are thought to have gained widespread appeal as men’s underwear after the 1950s. They’re comparable to shorts, except that they’re usually made of cotton and have an elastic waistband. Boxer shorts give the most breathability and are significantly less revealing than any other style if you’re not the type of man who wears suit pants or slim jeans daily. However, there is a price to pay: boxers provide very little support.

Boxer brief with a pouch

Your front profile will be boosted thanks to the redesigned pouch. This is commonly referred to as “enhancing underpants.” Receiving assistance has several advantages. The pouch may have lifting technology that helps to support and lift you higher and outwards.

Boxer Brief

Boxer briefs and boxer shorts are the same things. They are, nevertheless, more tailored than conventional briefs. This underwear starts at the waist and goes all the way down the thigh. Boxer briefs, like jocks, are a popular choice among men who are athletes or enjoy working out. Boxer-briefs are typical mid- to low-thigh length and include a button fly. This means they can be an excellent complement to briefs for men with thicker thighs, and the additional material between your legs can help prevent friction and chafing.


They’re similar to boxer briefs in shape but with shorter legs. They’re not the same thing as swim trunks. Trunks as underwear rank well in terms of practicality. They are both comfy and supportive at the same time. They’re ideal for active individuals, frequently travel, or are always on the go. Trunks are a shorter form of the boxer brief that has been increasingly trendy in recent years as super-skinny trouser designs have gained favor. They usually sit between the mid-thigh and the upper-thigh in length.

Bikini Underwear for Men

Men’s bikini underwear is the style of underwear that is frequently seen on-ramps and billboards. The design of a jock reveals more thighs and provides the bare minimum of front cover. At the back, it looks like regular brief underwear.


A thong is an underwear that features bikini-style coverage in the front but only a tiny strip of cloth at the back, exposing the buttocks.

Men’s pouch underwear is specifically intended to keep your genitals where they want to be: at ease. The best part is that the concept has taken off, and numerous businesses have begun to produce sacks for your sack in underwear. So when you go out looking, you’ll have lots of options to select from.

The Bottom Line

When looking for men’s underwear online, you’ll come across types of underwear like these. You’ll be able to select underwear that meets your wants and preferences now that you’ve understood the term. 

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