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How to Choose the Right Image for Your Site – Know Before You Go!

Well, if you people are now creating content without images, you missing a huge opportunity to increase engagement as well as maximize conversions. Yes, we all are visual individuals, inherently drawn to content that is rich with attractive images. Experts revealed that adding images to an online article can nearly double its views and around 67% of consumers depict that images are crucial than product descriptions when making a purchase.  

Remember that JPG image file format is best for the web as it reduces the loading times by selectively deleting elements of a photo. JPG format is great for large detailed photographs instead of PNG, which provides you with the best outcomes. You can see that many webmasters convert PNG to JPG by using an online PNG to JPG converter as JPG images offer an efficient lossless compression technique. 

Did You Know!

The way not only leads to top search results by throwing any image into your content! You should have to choose images carefully; high-quality images are something that adds true value to your content. So, choose JPG is best to do so, and set PNG as bay, JPG raster images comes with extensive color gradations. If your images are already stored in PNGs, then use an online PNG to JPG converter to convert PNG file to JPG without losing the quality. Well, give a read to this guide that will assist you to choose the right image for your next project. 

How Do You Choose the Right Images?

Well, when it comes to choosing an image for your blog or online marketing effort, you have to consider these three critical factors:

Does it convey your message?

Any image you use should entirely contribute to an audience’s better understanding of the message that you convey. While click-bait companies might come with some success by utilizing an unrelated image for their web ads using an image that completely fits with your content will result in better leads and even greater engagement. Well, the JPG image format is the best choice since it comes in a smaller size and best to convey your visual message. Remember that if you people decide you use PNG image format only, they will slow your site that can lead to a frustrated user. And, if you already deal with PNG, then using an online PNG to JPG converter allows you to convert PNG files to JPG image files.

Does it fit your brand? 

Experts said that everything that you put out in the globe should work to enhance your brand. Remember that images that come with your organization’s name or link to your site reveal a story about your company. Well, if you people sell fitness products, for instance, your images are a thing that should convey motion as well as strength. And, if you are in finance, then they should entirely speak to success and even financial security. When it comes to brand image, you should use JPG over PNG since this is widely used for brand promotions. And, even if your social media pages have PNGs, it’s time to make accurate image conversions. A free version of PNG to JPG converter by theonlineconverter is the right way to go save PNG as JPG image, even get the different image and document conversions at this authorized site. 

Is it engaging? 

The boring image won’t engage your audience. You have to stick with a vibrant and crisp image for better outcomes. it is ideal to use bright, colorful images as a color has been greatly proven to increase readership and even the sales by 80 percent. You have to use JPG image file format rather than PNG to engage your audient with quality JPG images since it is the most popular and the device compatible type. And whenever you are required to convert PNG into JPG, then using an online PNG to JPG converter will allow you to do so.

How Many Images Should You Use?

Don’t fret, there is no such magic as it looks like for how many images you should include for a particular project, but there are chances that you could use more than you think. Yes, it including plenty of relevant images:

  • Breaks up the text entirely for improved readability
  • Can boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Comes with more options for social media shares as well as engagement

Well, don’t just grab every free image on iStock and simply add it to your website page. Experts said that each image that you add need to serve a purpose, to simply enrich your reader’s experience with your content. So, get the quality image and post it within your content to get effective outcomes right now. Good Luck!

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