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10 Habits That Can Worsen Your Acne

Tried using a variety of the best skin care products, but nothing worked in improving your acne problem? Acne is such an irritating issue that it can break out with the slightest body or skincare routine change, but it takes ages to go. And if you have permanent acne that isn’t going away, despite trying every acne skin care product out there, you might be doing something wrong.

Find here 10 common habits you might be following that lead to acne breakout and worsen this skin disease.

Habit #1: Not sticking to one acne treatment

If you keep shuffling acne skin care products, your skin gets irritated. Generally, your skin needs 3-4 months to get used to the acne treatment, so you have to wait and allow your skin to get familiar with the product and treatment to work. 

Habit #2: Applying acne medication only to the affected area

This approach seems obvious and logical. But applying acne breakouts only to affected areas cannot prevent new breakouts. So, spread a thin layer of acne treatment product all over your face, covering your cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose area.

Habit #3: Using cosmetics that can cause acne

No matter how the best skin care products claim their effectiveness, if they contain harsh oil-based ingredients, they can be major aggravators of acne on your face. So before buying these products, check the “non-comedogenic” or “won’t clog pores” mark on the label.

Habit #4: Sharing makeup brushes and applicators

When you give someone else your makeup brushes and cosmetics, they might be contaminated with acne-causing bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells. When you use these products, you transfer these bacteria and other aggregators to your skin, which can cause acne breakouts.

Habit #5: Not removing makeup at night

Leaving makeup overnight can clog your pores. So no matter how tired you are, make a habit of removing your makeup and applying oil-free moisturiser or night cream before you doze off. You can also make remover towelette; ensure it is a non-comedogenic towelette.

Habit #6: Washing your face excessively

Washing your face excessively can strip off the natural oils from your face, which keeps it hydrated. This can irritate your skin, resulting in acne breakouts. Wash your face only in the morning and night and when you sweat.

Habit #7: Drying out your skin

Since excessive oil is one of the major reasons for acne, you might be tempted to use astringent and acne treatments to keep your skin dry, but this can result in skin irritation and more acne breakout.

Habit #8: Harshly scrubbing your skin

Scrubbing can also irritate your skin. So be gentle on your skin and wash your face with mild cleansers. Use non-comedogenic cleansers and apply them lightly on your face using your fingertips. Then, gently rinse it with warm water and pat dry your face.

Habit #9: Touching your face during working out

During workouts or otherwise, touching your face can also cause bacteria germination, leading to acne breakout. So be conscious and avoid touching your face, especially pimples. 

Habit #10: Popping or squeezing breakouts

When you pop and squeeze the acne, you push some of the pus, sebum, bacteria, and dead cells deeper inside. This increases inflammation, leading to more noticeable acne and, many times, scarring.