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Provide Immediate Delivery Services By Developing WumDrop Clone For Your Business

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WumDrop clone

On-demand apps have given a new meaning to convenience and comfort to the customers. These WumDrop Clone app are showing greater potential in serving users across a wide range of verticals that includes:

  • Food and Grocery delivery
  • Healthcare
  • Ecommerce 
  • Courier and logistics

In the digital age. The on-demand courier app delivery services are playing a vital role in delivering the packages on time. The challenges that traditional courier delivery services were facing are eliminated offering a greater boost in revenue. The on-demand WumDrop clone app effectively addresses the pain-points of the conventional courier businesses thus making it an effective delivery app.

DeliverAll app

Finding The Right Courier WumDrop Clone App Model?

You can develop an aggregator business model – a marketplace where you can have a list of on-demand delivery service providers offering a variety of parcel and logistics services. You can generate revenue by charging a commission on each delivery made as well as from the service providers to have them listed on the app. 

Another is an independent courier delivery model that is specifically designed after looking at your concept. Here you will be managing the entire pickup and drop operations, the delivery drivers will be hired by you –  it is your courier business you are making it an on-demand delivery app.

No matter what kind of business model you choose, it requires doing extensive research such as locations, your customer’s preferences, target audience, availability of the resources, as well as your long-term goals for expansion.

Do your homework, with all the facts and figures at your end. Discuss your concept with a leading mobile app development company for further guidance. The mobile app development team will be suggesting you a few recommendations as well as giving you a live demo to know how an on-demand delivery app is working.

The Must-have Features Of WumDrop Clone App

Once you have decided on the WumDrop clone app, the road-map to build an on-demand delivery app is all about technical specifications. Here are the must-have features to have in your on-demand courier delivery clone app that ensures your success in your business:

Courier options

The app feature offers the user to choose from different kinds of packaging options. The more flexible options, there is an increased number of bookings for courier pickup. 

In-app chat facility

This is the most crucial feature to have in an on-demand courier app. Through this, the user can get connected with customer care to sort out their concerns. Getting your customers’ queries answered can improve your app ratings thus more download and usage.

Real-time tracking

We all want to know when we will be reaching our packages. The app takes away the hassle of calling the customer care or courier office to know the status. The real-time tracking provides the user the freedom to get notified when their package will be delivered. 

Multiple payment options

This feature offers multiple payment options easing the hassles of the customer. They pay with peace of mind that the payment is done through a secured payment gateway using multiple payment options including Debit/credit card, NEFT, Wallet, Google Pay, Paypal, etc. 


In this blog, we have tried to cover all the major aspects of how a WumDrop clone app should be and the important features of it, and what kind of business model you should go for.

To conclude, the WumDrop clone app is an excellent on-demand delivery app that can take your courier business to the next level. This feature-rich app is built on the latest technology ensuring full scalability for future business growth. Before you decide on purchasing an on-demand delivery clone app, make sure that you buy the white-label licensed code and get to review the demo in case if you wish to customize the features, design, or layout.

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