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What types of yoga mats are available from yoga mat manufacturers in Delhi?

People who practise yoga on a regular basis will always understand the importance of yoga mats. These are the essential accessories that practitioners require on a regular basis. It also gives a nonslip base and stability, which helps to maintain posture and balance. However, it requires focusing more on movement and breath, so it is important that you choose the rightyoga mats manufacturer in Delhi to provide quality mats.

Before you decide on the best yoga mats manufacturer in Delhi, it is important to analyse the most important things like size, material, features and thickness before choosing. This will help you to choose the right yoga mat according to your needs and preferences.

Type of material:

  • Natural rubber is a biodegradable material with exceptional cushioning, grip and elasticity. These are suitable for most yoga types, but they can be expensive, heavy, and have a strong rubber smell.
  • PVC mats are a non-biodegradable and synthetic mats. These materials are also used by manufacturers to develop yoga mats. It is known for being easy to clean, water-resistant and durable. It also has great questioning and grip, and it is available in different designs and colours. However, there are harmful chemicals in it, and it can become slippery when wet.
  • TPE is a biodegradable and synthetic material. It is actually a blend of rubber and plastic. The material is soft, flexible and lightweight, along with texture and smooth surfaces to provide traction and grip. However, the durability can be a question for many users.
  • Jute is another very common material used in the manufacturing process. It is a renewable and natural material used for manufacturing several things. It is breathable, friendly and antibacterial. Additionally, it has a textured, rough surface that provides grip. It can be uncomfortable and stiff, but it can withstand high temperatures.
  • Cotton is an organic and natural material. It is most preferable in Indian climates when it comes to outfits. The material is known for being very comfortable, soft and absorbed. It is best for restorative and gentle yoga and meditation. However, it tends to lose its thickness and shape over time.

Size and thickness:

The next thing when it comes to analysing the type is the thickness and size of the yoga mat. It determines the support, comfort and portability of the mat.

  • Extra-long yoga mats are known to be longer than standard sizes, but they are ideal for tall people or for people who need more space for moving and stretching. It is good for different yoga styles that involve a lot of poses and transitions.
  • Extra-width mats are known to be wider than the standard width of 24 inches. It tends to be a good choice for people with broad hips, chest and shoulders or poor people who need more space to spread their legs and arms.
  • Extra thick mats are known to be thicker than the standard thickness of 1/ 8 inches. It is ideal for people who have sensitive bones, muscles and joints and mostly look for more comfort and cushion.
  • Customisable is generally available when you choose a reliable yoga mats manufacturer in Delhi who gives the freedom to customise products. This helps practitioners to easily customise the product according to the specific limitations and requirements like health conditions, disabilities or injuries.


So, these are the most common ways you can determine the type of yoga mats you need. Undeniably, these are known to be one of the most important accessories while practising yoga, but you equally need to make sure that you choose the right yoga mat for your requirements and purpose. Considering all the features would make sure that you are able to work according to the goals and objectives. If you’re in search of ayoga mats manufacturer in Delhi who provides such variety and customizability, you can choose MatsMania. They ensure the best for their customers with a wide collection and a friendly team.