5 Reasons Why Local E-commerce Businesses Love EasyParcel In 2022

As we all know, the widespread of Covid-19 has hastened the transition of local businesses into utilizing E-commerce, regardless of organization size. As a direct result, we have also witnessed the tremendous growth of usage in courier services.

Due to the fear of virus, Malaysians have adapted to staying at home and more consumers are comfortable in online shopping. Thus, local E-commerce businesses are increasingly adopting the trend of online courier services booking (which is EasyParcel’s main feature!).

Hence, the convenience of E-commerce and pandemic uncertainties indicate that most businesses will rarely switch back to fully running a brick-and-mortar store. Market analysts also forecasted a 10.6% growth in Malaysia’s E-commerce market due to Covid-19.

We truly appreciate the fact that more local businesses are using EasyParcel for effortless courier services booking to avoid physical contact with the public. Now, let’s look at the top 5 reasons why you should join other Malaysian E-commerce businesses to use EasyParcel in 2022! 

1. Competitive Advantage with Competitive Shipping Rates

Since offering ‘Free Shipping’ is effective in increasing customers’ average order value, you’d better keep your shipping cost as low as possible. With EasyParcel’s platform, businesses have the luxury to compare delivery prices of major courier companies and save costs with seasonal promo rates. It has allowed E-commerce businesses to consistently enjoy low cost parcel delivery by booking with us!

2. More Than Just Courier Services (Packaging Materials Too!)

Yes, we’re not just an online parcel booking platform. We have a wide variety of beautiful and reliable packaging materials up on our EasyParcel Shop to cater your packing needs! From carton boxes to custom packaging flyers, and even thermal printers. You name it!

3. Just Stay Home, Free Pick Up!

It doesn’t sound like a fully digitalized business if you’re still showing up at post offices for courier services. That’s why we made it FREE when you choose to have your parcel picked up at your doorstep.

4.  Customizable Parcel Tracking Emails

“When will my parcel arrive?”, “Can you check where my parcel is now?”. E-commerce businesses minimize parcel tracking enquiries like these with one of EasyParcel’s powerful marketing tools – Custom Tracking Email. For as low as RM0.05, you can allow customers to track shipments easily within a few taps. You can even customize the parcel tracking email with logos, promotional texts and a banner!

5. E-Commerce Website Integrations

Online parcel booking is indeed convenient, but what if you receive 50+ orders in a day? By integrating your website (on platforms such as Woocommerce, Shopify, EasyStore etc.) with EasyParcel, you can import your orders into our platform seamlessly. Quit copy-pasting every single order just for courier services booking now!

-Now, are you already loving how EasyParcel can help your business? If you have an extra 3 minutes, you may take a look at our CNY promotional campaign. (Spoiler: more low cost parcel delivery!)

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Or if you have yet to register a free account, we hope you’re motivated to do so now. Join other local businesses in their online parcel booking journey and optimize EasyParcel’s features to the fullest today!

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